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Yet another great week in Utica.
We have been getting ready for transfer planning and meeting a lot with President Bulloch because there's a new teaching curriculum that's being implemented into all the missions in the US. It's pretty much an extension to Preach My Gospel. We have to start changing the mission schedule a little bit to adapt to the new training change.
Yesterday we had another fireside in Elmira.. there were about 70 people there. President Bulloch is such a good speaker, i have really loved the opportunity to go around with him. He sets the stage so well for each song... all of his experience in church education and leadership has made him such a natural teacher. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to the Bulloch's.
Mom gave me the address of the church that i'll be speaking at on the 8th (9am). For all of you who asked for the address.
2290 Warm Springs Ave
If you have questions you can call her because you wont be able to get ahold of me.
(208) 761-0160 or 0161. i can't remember.
Another miracle happened this weekend. Long story short.... A random man named Paul came to church. He had been reading everything on and he is reading the Book of Mormon and he's through 3 nephi. He said that he's been in a spiritual battle with the Catholic church and he's made the decision. He told us "I'm here to stay... what do i need to do next?" We are pretty overwhelmed with all of these blessings. We'll be setting a baptismal date with him this Thursday.
We have one more fireside in Albany this Sunday (Aug 1st). It will be fun to see all of my peeps in Albany.
Tomorrow I'm going to Palmyra to see the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah and then the Temple! I have wanted to see those things my whole life... and there have been times throughout my mission where we were literally 15 miles away. Finally!
I love you all. You'll hear from me next monday.
Elder Warr

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