Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kyle Update

Kyle is still a great as ever! He has sent some family letters about some more special experiences that he has been having. He also has informed us that his return home will be August 5th. 

We just completed printing this blog into book form for Kyle to have when he gets home.  It has been a fantastic way to share with friends and family.  I encourage other families to blog and then print a book for their missionaries!  The website we used for the book publishing is blurb.com. If you have questions about that, you can email me at myyellowbike@gmail.com.

I will post more word from Kyle as I get it!

Thank you for reading with us!

p.s feel free to comment here if you want to get in touch with Kyle and I'll make sure he checks it -- I'm not sure what his new email address will be. I'll post that ASAP too.  


Karie said...

This has been a great way to keep up with Elder Warr whom I have never even met - but I look forward meeting him!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing this for him Emily!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kyle, I love reading your Blog. I often times do it a couple times a week. I Miss you buddy. We have so much to get caught up on. Forgive me if I can't be there when you get home. I want to be, just don't know if I can make it.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hey Elder Warr!
It was great getting to know you while you served out here in Syracuse and then being able to keep up with you in this blog. I hope you have a wonderful time back home and I'll probably be seeing you in a couple of months at BYU-I.