Monday, May 17, 2010

The Office

Hello Hello!
So, here i sit, in the mission office. My morning has been packed with filling out reports from the last week's statistics, counseling with President Bulloch about some zone conference ideas, figuring out if we're driving down to Binghamton tomorrow, and whatever else. It has surprised me a couple times when we get a call from President Bulloch with a problem or issue and then he tells us to come up with a solution and then report back to him with the answer. I'm starting to realize how much of an influence i have on this mission. These missionaries watch everything we do. I have spent a lot of time in prayer to the Lord to ask for inspiration and support.
Elder Fullmer is my companion. He's from Sandy UT. He's such a great humble guy. He's probably the most tempered person i have ever met. He also has a really funny sense of humor so we get along really well.... and there's an integrity in him that i am trying to absorb. I am really looking forward to serving with him and i am so grateful to be working and counseling by his side. I guess one thing that i don't have to worry about in being in Utica is if I'm going to have strong companions. haha.
I met the ward yesterday, it's a lot bigger than Potsdam was. We had meetings in the morning and then we peeked into the chapel for a second and the ward choir was practicing for a musical number that day. there were only about 8 people.... they begged us to help them out. Take note that i had just come from Potsdam which has an AMAZING choir. We helped them out. The song was "I Believe in Christ". We were basically just singing all four verses with the piano. I made a few suggestions of ways to alter the song and add some dynamics.... they were all really skeptical at first because they didn't think they could do it. We tried it out, practiced it, and they sounded great! Everyone was excited to sing it. I think that really opened my eyes for a second about music in my life. I noticed that i might have a future in something similar to that. But we'll see how it goes. The Utica ward is really diverse, and i don't know everyone yet, but i have noticed that they arent very personable with the missionaries... they see us as "the elders". Elder Fullmer and I are going to work on that and start to build some friendships with these members.
i love and pray for all of you.
Elder Warr

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