Monday, May 3, 2010

District Conference

Hey guys,
All is well in Potsdam. We had District Conference (like Stake Conference) yesterday. President Bulloch came and spoke about murmuring. There were about 8 speakers... and one of the speakers was Sister Crump! It was really rewarding to see her speak because all the flashbacks of teaching her the gospel came into my brain... when i first met her she was questioning everything, and it was such an awesome thing to see her speaking with confidence. Right after District Conference we got to witness Brother Crump recieve the Melchizedek priesthood! That was rewarding as well. I really love the Crumps, they are planning a trip out west within the next year or so to see Salt Lake and visit Elder Fredericksen and me. Elder Killpack and I sang in the choir, so we were sitting on the stand the whole time. We sang three songs. One of them was "Cast Your Burden On The Lord" by Sally Deford, the words are beautiful, maybe i'll paste them in here.
Cast your burden on the Lord and he will make it light Come unto him, ye heavy laden, Find your rest in Christ. Bring him your sorrows, all your grief. Lay every weakness at his feet. He will sustain you, give you peace. And lead you into life

Cast your burden on the Lord and he will heal your soul. Place on his altar all your sin and he will bear its toll. Bring him your blindness born of pride. Give him your broken heart to bind. It was for this he bled and died: That he might make you whole.

Cast your burden on the Lord and he will carry you home. He will attend you and defend through perils yet unknown. Put your unwavering trust in him. Christ, your constant heavenly friend Hath graven you in the palms of his hands And ne'er forsakes his own.
Just so everyone knows.. I will be calling you guys on Sunday because it's Mother's Day. I'll start calling at 3pm my time... so you all should be expecting a phone call around 1 or 2 your time. I know you're all excited to talk to me, so maybe you all should make notes about things you want to tell me and how much you love me. :) I had an interview with President Bulloch, and it's looking like i am going to finish my mission in Potsdam, we find out for sure on Saturday. Yesterday a non-member came up to us and said that he wants to take the discussions and get baptized, so that's something to look forward to. we have 3 baptismal candidates, so there are definitely some things rolling here.
I love you guys.  Talk to you Sunday!
Elder Warr

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