Monday, April 19, 2010

ups and downs in potsdam

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Dear Everyone-
A lot of ups and downs here in Potsdam. I'll start with the downs. This week seemed like the Lord was testing our endurance. It rained for about four days straight. It was like we were out in the trenches hour after hour. No one really wanted to listen... we were wet, and tired. We prayed a lot. I tripped off someone's doorstep when we were knocking on the door and looked really akward... and then i couldn't stop laughing... so i wasn't able to talk. Street after street people said "No"... or "I don't need to strengthen my faith".... or "Oh...we're not Mormon." (duh)....or "We're Catholic".... or "I don't believe in Jehovah's Witnesses" (and then close the door before we can say anything). or..."We're agnostic, but God Bless You."....
On the up side of things. We have been teaching a woman named Amy. I mentioned her a few weeks ago. We've been teaching her for 4 months or so. She's now come to church 3 weeks in a row. She's reading the Book of Mormon or Ensign every day. She didn't really have a strong belief in God before we started teaching her. Her Husband is an administrator at a phsyciatric clinic... and she's looking to be a highschool principal. She loves President Uchtdorf. Her Husband doesn't believe in God and is starting to notice that she's really serious about this, so recently he has been studying philosophy and reading about mormons on wikipedia. Amy told us that she purposely goes and reads the Book of Mormon in front of him because she thinks it's funny that he goes to wikipedia to read about Mormonism. She is really impressed with the people in the church because she sees a sincerity in them. it's great! I think she's one of the reasons i came to Potsdam. We've developed a cool friendship.
I hope you are all looking for reasons to share your testimony with people, even if it's in subtle ways.
love ya