Monday, March 1, 2010

Great stuff

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From: Kyle Warr
Date: Mon, Mar 1, 2010 at 11:30 AM
Subject: Re: By the way

Hey guys, it's me, kyle.

All is well here in Potsdam, not much out of the ordinary happened. Elder Killpack is a fun guy... he likes to work so we have fun together. We both have a good grasp on missionary work so it's nice to just be able to get out there and teach. He's a golfer so we're pretty excited for spring to come so we can golf.

We gave an african woman a Book of mormon a few weeks ago and followed up with her this week. She had read 11 chapters of 1 Nephi in one sitting, and she said she couldn't put it down. She's originally from Texas and she has a really strong grasp on Christianity. Her whole life she has heard horrible things about the Book of Mormon, and has avoided it for a long time. Finally she said she doesn't want to be ignorant of it anymore and she loves it. She literally recited all of the details back to us even down to how many siblings Nephi has. She's awesome.. we'll keep you updated with that. She's studying to become a nurse, so she has a huge exam coming up soon and doesn't want to meet with us for a month. that was a bummer. Her name is Esther.

Mom sent me my acceptance letter from BYU-Idaho, that's good to know it's set in stone. The cool thing is that this morning i called President Bulloch to ask him if i can get some things done on the computer for BYU-I and he told me to go ahead and do that. Then he told me some awesome news. Apparently President Bulloch has two ecclesiastical scholarships that he can give to his missionaries... he gave one of those to me. It might not be a HUGE scholarship but a boost. He's awesome, i was really happy about that.

I love you guys! be of good cheer

Elder Warr


Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words. ........................................

Spencer P. said...

Is this like a fortune cookie or something?