Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missionary skills

We got transfer calls, and i'll be staying up here in Potsdam for another 6 weeks with Elder Killpack. That'll be 6 months in this area. I hope to stay here for the rest of my mission... that would be 9 months here. President Bulloch has been talking a lot about leaving missionaries in areas longer anyways.
The past couple weeks were a little slow because the 3 colleges up here had spring break. I don't really know what the word "break" means anymore. yeah... we take a lunch break, but we call it lunch hour. that's not even a break. But, it has been nice because a lot of families are together and are at home... so we did have some success in teaching quite a bit of lessons. The Crumps have been bringing a family to church and dinner the past few weeks, now we're teaching them. Hopefully you're all looking for families to bring to church or dinner with the missionaries too... i think the Patterson's are leading in that statistic. good job guys. Dad and Tammy had Robert Hunt over for dinner on his birthday (he's serving his mission in boise).
I have been sick the past few days,so i have been going to bed early. Sunday after church i wasn't feeling good at all so we stayed in for the rest of the day. I couldn't sleep.... so i read the book of Romans, and then i read a good majority of "Jesus The Christ". I don't think i have read for that many consecutive hours ever before. it felt really good because usually in my personal studies in the morning i am always upset that i don't have more time to study... we only get an hour of personal study. You RM's probably know what im talking about... the rest of you don't... haha im just kidding. anways. i have been feeling better lately.
I have started to notice something in my own missionary work. As missionaries, sometimes we get caught up in just saying missionary things or missionary phrases. As i have been a missionary longer, i have become really observant of how to talk to people. I have taken all of those phrases and words and put them into normal and casual language. I have learned how to read peoples' faces. I have learned to speak with more conviction because if there's no conviction behind anyone's words not only in missionary work but in any aspect of communication, then the listener won't be as effected. As i go on exchanges with other missionaries in our zone, a lot of my advice to them is about talking to people. What happens mostly to younger missionaries is that they just sound like a salesman without a personality, or a machine with memorized responses. I love pumping up other missionaries by saying stuff like "What do you want this person to feel? What do you want them to know? How can you show them that you love it? Are you excited to tell them about the restored gospel?" I think my favorite aspect of missionary work right now is just being out talking to different people. I love working with new missionaries.
welp, i love you guys, and i'm doing well. my mission is great.
elder warr

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

...qualify to be members of His church.

Hello family!

It has been warm up here, and i don't think i have ever been so grateful to see grass... weird. We missionaries call this month "Muddy March" because all of the frozen ground starts to thaw out and it's just a big muddy mess. There's no use in washing our truck because mud will just get flung all over it.
Potsdang is doing great, there are people prepared all over this area, and since we arent in our area very often... the Lord sustains us with miracles. the past 2 weeks have been great because we have been pleading the Lord for more people to teach, and we have found 6 really strong people since. I am starting to understand a little bit better the phrase in the scriptures "Ask and ye shall recieve".
As you are aware, Glenn Beck is a mormon. Not too long ago he did a show in SLC called "An Unlikely Mormon" if you havent heard of it, you should get it because it's pretty funny, and it is a testimony of how this gospel can change people. We have watched it a couple times recently.

So, as we are sitting here emailing in the Potsdam public library, there's a girl sitting accross from us who keeps talking to us. She asked if we were the mormons, and she told us that her sister is a mormon in Liverpool. I served there.. and I know about her sister, but i didn't know her personally. I asked her if she is a member and she said no because she had her records removed from the church. I asked if she's a practicing member of any other church, and she said she's baptist now. She was baptized into the church when she was a teenager and i asked what motivated her to leave the church, she said "I wasn't committed in my heart, and i was just seeking my father's approval." Then she said that the church just isn't for her, and she found her faith in the baptist church. I have seen that over and over and over again. If our church doesnt meet someone's personal qualifications, then they come to the conclusion that it isn't true. The Lord isn't looking to make a church based on our qualifications, it's the opposite, we have to qualify to be members of His church. Many people think that the principles and standards in our church don't match God's will. To those people, i love reading the Savior's words "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether i speak of myself." (John 7:17) We didnt make these rules up, and there is always a blessing attached to every commandment that we are expected to live.."And when we obtain any blessing from God it is by obedience to that law upon which it was predicated." (D&C 130:22). I could go over to this woman and tell her all of this, and maybe i will, but regardless, she has to choose.
anyways, that's what's in my heart right now as i write you this email.

i love you all!

Elder Warr

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great stuff

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Hey guys, it's me, kyle.

All is well here in Potsdam, not much out of the ordinary happened. Elder Killpack is a fun guy... he likes to work so we have fun together. We both have a good grasp on missionary work so it's nice to just be able to get out there and teach. He's a golfer so we're pretty excited for spring to come so we can golf.

We gave an african woman a Book of mormon a few weeks ago and followed up with her this week. She had read 11 chapters of 1 Nephi in one sitting, and she said she couldn't put it down. She's originally from Texas and she has a really strong grasp on Christianity. Her whole life she has heard horrible things about the Book of Mormon, and has avoided it for a long time. Finally she said she doesn't want to be ignorant of it anymore and she loves it. She literally recited all of the details back to us even down to how many siblings Nephi has. She's awesome.. we'll keep you updated with that. She's studying to become a nurse, so she has a huge exam coming up soon and doesn't want to meet with us for a month. that was a bummer. Her name is Esther.

Mom sent me my acceptance letter from BYU-Idaho, that's good to know it's set in stone. The cool thing is that this morning i called President Bulloch to ask him if i can get some things done on the computer for BYU-I and he told me to go ahead and do that. Then he told me some awesome news. Apparently President Bulloch has two ecclesiastical scholarships that he can give to his missionaries... he gave one of those to me. It might not be a HUGE scholarship but a boost. He's awesome, i was really happy about that.

I love you guys! be of good cheer

Elder Warr