Monday, February 22, 2010

We have to wait until Mother's Day to hear about the big miracle!!@?!

Hola everyone, how are we?

Welp, I dropped off Elder Fredericksen and picked up Elder Killpack on Thursday, and then we had ZLC on Friday in Utica. ZLC was good, it was really great to see some of the new zone leaders that had been called, a couple of them i havent seen for a long time. Naturally, i make close friends. A lot of the guys that i have served with have gone home. It's a weird experience because when i came on my mission i just assumed that i would be here forever, i didnt really know how to guage how long two years would be. Seeing my mission friends go home has opened my eyes a little bit... and i'm working harder. Elder Fredericksen and i had a pretty incredible miracle happen to us recently, it's too long to write, so i'll probably have to tell you about it on mother's day.
We had great news when we first got to Utica. The mission bought two brand new 2010 Chevy Colorados, and we get one of them! It has 4wd and a couple other fixins. We love it. We kind of feel spoiled when we ride up to humble peoples' homes in a brand new sweet truck, so we try to stay modest by parking down the street.

Elder Killpack is a great guy, i am really satisfied that we will be serving together for the next few months. He's from Delta Ut, He goes home in June, so i hope i'll get to see him die here (when you go home from your mission, you die). I really could see myself dying here in Potsdam... and i hope for that too, i really like these people, they help us out a lot. Elder Killpack likes racquetball too, so we'll get along fine. He is a really funny guy... he doesn't really like any food except for pizza and potatoes. The texture of a lot of foods really grosses him out. The funny this is that his first day he got here, for lunch a member made us fish with the scales still on it. hahah. We're having fun, i tease him about his eating... but he dishes it back.

We continue to see blessings from the Lord, I can seriously say that the Lord has literally dropped us in peoples' paths because they were prepared to recieve us, it's an amazing thing to witness.

I miss you all, and you're in my prayers.

Elder Warr

p.s. i'll send pictures of everything next week.

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