Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transfers and Baptisms

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Hey guys! a lot to update you with.

First off-- Elder Fredericksen is getting transferred, and ill be getting a new companion. We're a little bummed because we have really enjoyed our time serving together, but it's ok because we got to spend 3 months here in Potsdam together... plus the MTC. My new companion is Elder Killpack. So It will be elders Warr and Killpack together. that's a mean duo. I know Elder Killpack, he's a really good guy, i have seen him a lot around the mission, so it will be fun.

Second off-- We had a baptism this week! Alex Trudel was baptized. We have been working with him for about 3 months, it was really fun to see him grow and accept the restored gospel. He's a young father and he has a really sweet wife and a cute little daughter.

Third off-- We will be in Utica for a few days come tomorrow, so that will be fun to go to ZLC and talk about a few things going on in the mission.

Fourth off-- It seems like we have been teaching some really old folks lately. Last week we taught an 89 yr old man and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's a WWII veteran and he told us he has literally killed thousands of people. He was a bomber and dropped hunderds of bombs on Germany. It was so interesting to listen to his stories. He didnt believe in God, and he has a pretty scarred consciensce because of all the death he was exposed to early on in his life. The other one was last night. We taught a 93 year old man... this guy was an antique!! He was born in 1916 (around WWI)... and he told us the story of his childhood literally 10 times. Eventually we just had to say "Bob, you told us that you were born in Massachusetts 5 times already." He wasn't retaining much of what we were saying, so we left, but it was a good experience for me. It reminded me of the 81 year old man Art Monty who we baptized when i was in Liverpool.

Fifth off-- that's all i have for you guys.

i love you! here's some pics!

mom sent me a couple baby pics, i thought they would be funny for everyone. the other is Alex's baptism. and the other is us with the crump's downing some root beer floats.

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