Monday, February 8, 2010

on growing up a little bit...

Dear my people... all over the country- Hello from New York!

The church updated their emailing system and they signed a contract with google so it's more convenient for us to email. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my new email. the only different is a dot between kyle and warr.. so it's now it's pretty simple.

Since i am emailing all of you i might as well update you with what's happening in my life.

First i want to thank all those who sent me birthday stuff, i really can't believe i'm 21.... tomorrow. i still feel like a 16 year old... but when i look back on the past 19 months of my life, i notice a few differences in myself. i like to think that i have grown up a little bit.

I'm still in Potsdam New York.. i have been here for about three months. There are so many good people up here. I've experience a lot and learned a ton from these people.. a lot of them are humble farmers and barely scraping by, but they are willing to give so much. I see these great hearted people, and i have a better vision of the type of man that i should be one day. I've learned how to weld... i've helped build a donkey barn, I have split hundreds of peices of wood, I saw Canada for the first time in my life, I play racquetball every week, and i am fully satisfied that i could probably beat any one on my emailing list at a one-on-one game.... haha. But most importantly, through teaching the gospel, i have seen many people make huge sacrifices and realize that they are sons and daughters of God. Many people don't know their purpose in life, and are genuinely searching... but as they have humbly turn to Heavenly Father, they learn that God really does answer prayers and that it was their own pride that clouded their relationship to him... then they understand a little bit better what they need to do, and then comes the realization that God's plan is real. I have seen it time and time again, and with that many instances of people changing, it strengthens my own faith. One of my favorite scriptures says:

"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know [them], because they are spiritually discerned."
-1 corinthians 2:14

It takes humility to feel the spirit. Faith and doubt are opposites.

Anyways... i'll get off my soapbox.

I love you guys, and i hope you know that i am loving my mission. I can't believe that it's coming down to 5 months. I'm so lucky to have the family and friends that i do... you have all had a huge impact on my life. Thanks for the support!

love forever and ever,

Elder Kyle Warrg

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