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Hey guys, this email is going to be a little shorter because we're
heading over to Malone to spend some time with the Elders over there.

Everything is going great. The weather has been nice, today is in the
50's so that's a relief... a little rainy, but better than 0 degrees. We
met with Amy again, she's doing great. She's the woman who's sister is
investigating in NYC. We have been really impressed with her
comprehension of the Book of Mormon, especially considering that she
doesn't really read the Bible. She said that she has become more
spiritual since we have been meeting with her. Her questions are always
really sincere and effective. Her husband isn't a big fan of religion
and she said "i need to work on him"... showing us that she's actually
looking into what we're saying and considering it in her future. she's
asks questions like "so if i was to join the church..." that's always a
good sign because she's weighing out the consequences. I always feel the
spirit when we go there, and i feel like she may be one reason i was
brought to Potsdam. She said something that made us feel really good.
She was a teacher for a while and she has met some really outstanding
kids, and she could tell the ones who were honest and competent. Then
she said that she had never met young men like us who were so upright
and cared to serve people so much and that it was a privelidge for her
to have us at her home. If Amy joins, she will be an incredible
Latter-Day Saint.

The Crumps have been coming to church regularly. We are getting really
close to them. They are looking to get sealed in the temple. They said
they might even want to wait, and then get sealed out west so that Elder
Fredericksen and I could be there. That would be great. Sister Crump has
had a big change of heart lately, and it's been sweet watching them
grow. This is missionary work!! The hours and hours of teaching pay off
when you see people exercise faith and come to the Lord.

We have a standard in our mission to talk to 100 people every week. We
call them OYM's (open your mouth). It feels good to do that. Most of the
people we talk to are students at SUNY Potsdam or Crane school of music.
Students are really skeptical and searching for knowledge.

I love you guys.

p.s. a Jewish lady told us to go to H-E-double hockey sticks yesterday.

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