Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In small town Potsdam...

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Happy 2010!

I can't believe it's 2010. This is going to be a big year for me. and
it's weird that i can say i'll be home "this" year.

I recieved the news that Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl!! sweet! in
celebration i am wearing my Boise State sweatshirt to racquetball today.
(we have been playing every week...)

We have P-day today because it's transfer week. Elder Fredericksen and i
will be staying together for 6 more weeks... thats awesome, we don't
want a change, and they said they are probably going to leave us
together for a while. Our zone is changing a lot, we're getting 2 brand
new missionaries, and it will be cool because new missionaries always
bring faith and miracles to areas. we call it greenie fire.

The work here in Potsdam goes good. We are working a lot and
fellowshipping with part member families because the non-members in part
member families already have exposure to the church, so they are more
prone to feel the spirit and understand. We are working with a canadian
guy named alex.. he's 22, and newly married to one of the girls in the
branch. they havent been to church in months, and we got them to come on
sunday. Tomorrow we are going to set him with a baptismal date. pray for
us! we are really working up a lot of momentum up here in the north
country. It's funny because Elder Fredericksen and i have both served in
the biggest and most populated areas in the mission, and they brought
both of us up to this tiny little town of Potsdam... but i love it.
Being a zone leader is nice because you don't feel monitored, and you
can be an example. Also, i told you guys about Brother Crump. He has
been less active since he was 17... has really been opposed to the
church. Well, we've been working with him really closely by playing
racquetball on mondays and teaching him on sunday nights... and because
he has been reading the Book of Mormon, something is growing inside of
him. he told us on sunday that he's ready to come back. yes!! you dont
understand how happy that makes me. I feel like a lot of my mission has
been going to find the Lord's lost sheep in upstate NY. A ton of
success on my mission has been with less active members of the church. I
love meeting people who lost their testimonies or have concerns. I love
making them laugh and then teaching them the gospel... when they feel
your love they will take anything from you. I think it's so amazing to
watch someone rekindle a fire of testimony that they once had, and then
see them change. Someone re-activated into the church is just as
successful as a baptism. that's a principle i've learned on my mission.

it's snowing a ton. we have a little grill on our back porch, and
there's probably 2 feet of snow piled on that thing. it has been snowing
nonstop for 4 days now. Snow is beautiful, but it's to the point where
it hinders us. Stomping through 2 and a half feet of snow for hours can
get old, but it makes me feel like i'm making more effort to bring the
gospel to people.

i love you guys!

Elder Warr

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