Friday, January 1, 2010

Expressions of Awe?

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Apparently because i talked to everyone on Christmas day, you all
neglected to write me an email this week. i'll keep this email short.

Elder Warr.

Im just kidding. I'll tell you a little bit about my past 3 days.
Yesterday Elder Fredericksen and i spoke in church. They asked us to
speak on topics in Preach My Gospel. Elder Fredericksen spoke on the
restoration and i spoke on The Book of Mormon. I think i was really bold
because there were some funny expressions in the congregation, but maybe
those were expressions of awe. It was fun, and we had 2 investigators
there so it was a great opportunity to teach in more depth.

Up here in Potsdam, there isn't a stake. it's a District... the District
President calls this area "the far reaching corners of the vineyard".
The Massena branch 15 miles from here only has 5 active members because
the majority of them have apostasized. I have also forgot to tell you
all that there are a TON of Amish people up here. I had no clue until a
couple weeks ago when i randomly saw a bearded man driving a horse n
buggy by us on the road. I am so interested in those people, they live
such a different lifestyle. Did you know that Amish people can shop at
Wal-mart? It's funny when we're getting groceries because sometimes they
will be there, and they all look at the magazines. Part of our area is
only a couple miles from Canada. It's tempting to go over there... i
have never been out of the US... why not now? anyways...

I have been reading the past conference edition of the Ensign, and there
have been a lot of times that i have thought of you all when i read it.
i want you to look through that Ensign because it can help with a lot of
your situations and problems.

welp, i love you guys more than you love me.

Elder Warr

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