Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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Hey guys, this email is going to be a little shorter because we're
heading over to Malone to spend some time with the Elders over there.

Everything is going great. The weather has been nice, today is in the
50's so that's a relief... a little rainy, but better than 0 degrees. We
met with Amy again, she's doing great. She's the woman who's sister is
investigating in NYC. We have been really impressed with her
comprehension of the Book of Mormon, especially considering that she
doesn't really read the Bible. She said that she has become more
spiritual since we have been meeting with her. Her questions are always
really sincere and effective. Her husband isn't a big fan of religion
and she said "i need to work on him"... showing us that she's actually
looking into what we're saying and considering it in her future. she's
asks questions like "so if i was to join the church..." that's always a
good sign because she's weighing out the consequences. I always feel the
spirit when we go there, and i feel like she may be one reason i was
brought to Potsdam. She said something that made us feel really good.
She was a teacher for a while and she has met some really outstanding
kids, and she could tell the ones who were honest and competent. Then
she said that she had never met young men like us who were so upright
and cared to serve people so much and that it was a privelidge for her
to have us at her home. If Amy joins, she will be an incredible
Latter-Day Saint.

The Crumps have been coming to church regularly. We are getting really
close to them. They are looking to get sealed in the temple. They said
they might even want to wait, and then get sealed out west so that Elder
Fredericksen and I could be there. That would be great. Sister Crump has
had a big change of heart lately, and it's been sweet watching them
grow. This is missionary work!! The hours and hours of teaching pay off
when you see people exercise faith and come to the Lord.

We have a standard in our mission to talk to 100 people every week. We
call them OYM's (open your mouth). It feels good to do that. Most of the
people we talk to are students at SUNY Potsdam or Crane school of music.
Students are really skeptical and searching for knowledge.

I love you guys.

p.s. a Jewish lady told us to go to H-E-double hockey sticks yesterday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warr House

Hey guys-

It's been a little bit warmer the past few days. A couple days it got up to the 40's, and it's surprising that i consider that warm. It was nice to have the sun come out for a little while and not just constant snow. Apparently it will get ugly again. I asked some members if winter was starting to slow down and they laughed at me. I think my brain still thinks that February is when it starts to get warm, but then i realize that not everywhere is like California.

Yesterday Elder Fredericksen and i were tracting and we came up to a house that had a sign that said "Warr House" on it. I got really excited. We knocked it and i pretended like i didnt see the sign. A middle aged man came to the door and said hello. I introduced myself with a little emphasis "elder WARR" and then he said "you've gotta be kidding me, is your last name really Warr??"i said yeah and then he told us that there are only 1100 Warrs in North America and the majority of them are in England. His name is Steve Warr. He didn't know any Warr's from Idaho, but he said that we are distantly related. I felt like we were instant friends... and i really wanted to teach him. We talked a little bit about the church and then he said that he and his wife are going to Florida for a couple months but we can come back in March. I'll probably still be here in March, but how awesome would that be if i were to teach him and bring him to the gospel? I imagine if the Warr's that came here from England were early members of the church? President Eckersley used to say that our family members on the other side of the veil are constanly praying that we will research them or find their living kin. Maybe someone in our family could enlighten me on that and let me know when the Warr side joined the church. Elder Fredericksen and i are going to go to the family history center in the coming weeks to see if we can find any links.. and then hopefully i could show him how we're related. I got a really good feeling as i talked to Steve, and i had never really felt like that before.

We had 3 investigators come to church yesterday. We are teaching an awesome woman named Amy in Canton, she's the woman who's sister is investigating in NYC. This past thursday when we came to follow up, she had read King Benjamin's address and retained most of it. She really liked it. We can't wait to meet with her again this thursday, and we'll invite her to church.

I'll keep you updated with our peeps and everything. We have been spending hours and hours out on the streets talking to people hoping to find people to teach. We meet so many funny people, i wish i could tell you all about them.

love you guys,

Elder Warr

we had a "Primary MTC Day" at the church on saturday, we got to give some valuable training to the primary kids. we did some fun stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In small town Potsdam...

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Subject: Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!

I can't believe it's 2010. This is going to be a big year for me. and
it's weird that i can say i'll be home "this" year.

I recieved the news that Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl!! sweet! in
celebration i am wearing my Boise State sweatshirt to racquetball today.
(we have been playing every week...)

We have P-day today because it's transfer week. Elder Fredericksen and i
will be staying together for 6 more weeks... thats awesome, we don't
want a change, and they said they are probably going to leave us
together for a while. Our zone is changing a lot, we're getting 2 brand
new missionaries, and it will be cool because new missionaries always
bring faith and miracles to areas. we call it greenie fire.

The work here in Potsdam goes good. We are working a lot and
fellowshipping with part member families because the non-members in part
member families already have exposure to the church, so they are more
prone to feel the spirit and understand. We are working with a canadian
guy named alex.. he's 22, and newly married to one of the girls in the
branch. they havent been to church in months, and we got them to come on
sunday. Tomorrow we are going to set him with a baptismal date. pray for
us! we are really working up a lot of momentum up here in the north
country. It's funny because Elder Fredericksen and i have both served in
the biggest and most populated areas in the mission, and they brought
both of us up to this tiny little town of Potsdam... but i love it.
Being a zone leader is nice because you don't feel monitored, and you
can be an example. Also, i told you guys about Brother Crump. He has
been less active since he was 17... has really been opposed to the
church. Well, we've been working with him really closely by playing
racquetball on mondays and teaching him on sunday nights... and because
he has been reading the Book of Mormon, something is growing inside of
him. he told us on sunday that he's ready to come back. yes!! you dont
understand how happy that makes me. I feel like a lot of my mission has
been going to find the Lord's lost sheep in upstate NY. A ton of
success on my mission has been with less active members of the church. I
love meeting people who lost their testimonies or have concerns. I love
making them laugh and then teaching them the gospel... when they feel
your love they will take anything from you. I think it's so amazing to
watch someone rekindle a fire of testimony that they once had, and then
see them change. Someone re-activated into the church is just as
successful as a baptism. that's a principle i've learned on my mission.

it's snowing a ton. we have a little grill on our back porch, and
there's probably 2 feet of snow piled on that thing. it has been snowing
nonstop for 4 days now. Snow is beautiful, but it's to the point where
it hinders us. Stomping through 2 and a half feet of snow for hours can
get old, but it makes me feel like i'm making more effort to bring the
gospel to people.

i love you guys!

Elder Warr

Friday, January 1, 2010

Expressions of Awe?

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Apparently because i talked to everyone on Christmas day, you all
neglected to write me an email this week. i'll keep this email short.

Elder Warr.

Im just kidding. I'll tell you a little bit about my past 3 days.
Yesterday Elder Fredericksen and i spoke in church. They asked us to
speak on topics in Preach My Gospel. Elder Fredericksen spoke on the
restoration and i spoke on The Book of Mormon. I think i was really bold
because there were some funny expressions in the congregation, but maybe
those were expressions of awe. It was fun, and we had 2 investigators
there so it was a great opportunity to teach in more depth.

Up here in Potsdam, there isn't a stake. it's a District... the District
President calls this area "the far reaching corners of the vineyard".
The Massena branch 15 miles from here only has 5 active members because
the majority of them have apostasized. I have also forgot to tell you
all that there are a TON of Amish people up here. I had no clue until a
couple weeks ago when i randomly saw a bearded man driving a horse n
buggy by us on the road. I am so interested in those people, they live
such a different lifestyle. Did you know that Amish people can shop at
Wal-mart? It's funny when we're getting groceries because sometimes they
will be there, and they all look at the magazines. Part of our area is
only a couple miles from Canada. It's tempting to go over there... i
have never been out of the US... why not now? anyways...

I have been reading the past conference edition of the Ensign, and there
have been a lot of times that i have thought of you all when i read it.
i want you to look through that Ensign because it can help with a lot of
your situations and problems.

welp, i love you guys more than you love me.

Elder Warr