Monday, July 26, 2010


dateMon, Jul 26, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Yet another great week in Utica.
We have been getting ready for transfer planning and meeting a lot with President Bulloch because there's a new teaching curriculum that's being implemented into all the missions in the US. It's pretty much an extension to Preach My Gospel. We have to start changing the mission schedule a little bit to adapt to the new training change.
Yesterday we had another fireside in Elmira.. there were about 70 people there. President Bulloch is such a good speaker, i have really loved the opportunity to go around with him. He sets the stage so well for each song... all of his experience in church education and leadership has made him such a natural teacher. It's going to be hard to say goodbye to the Bulloch's.
Mom gave me the address of the church that i'll be speaking at on the 8th (9am). For all of you who asked for the address.
2290 Warm Springs Ave
If you have questions you can call her because you wont be able to get ahold of me.
(208) 761-0160 or 0161. i can't remember.
Another miracle happened this weekend. Long story short.... A random man named Paul came to church. He had been reading everything on and he is reading the Book of Mormon and he's through 3 nephi. He said that he's been in a spiritual battle with the Catholic church and he's made the decision. He told us "I'm here to stay... what do i need to do next?" We are pretty overwhelmed with all of these blessings. We'll be setting a baptismal date with him this Thursday.
We have one more fireside in Albany this Sunday (Aug 1st). It will be fun to see all of my peeps in Albany.
Tomorrow I'm going to Palmyra to see the Sacred Grove, the Hill Cumorah and then the Temple! I have wanted to see those things my whole life... and there have been times throughout my mission where we were literally 15 miles away. Finally!
I love you all. You'll hear from me next monday.
Elder Warr

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kyle Update

Kyle is still a great as ever! He has sent some family letters about some more special experiences that he has been having. He also has informed us that his return home will be August 5th. 

We just completed printing this blog into book form for Kyle to have when he gets home.  It has been a fantastic way to share with friends and family.  I encourage other families to blog and then print a book for their missionaries!  The website we used for the book publishing is If you have questions about that, you can email me at

I will post more word from Kyle as I get it!

Thank you for reading with us!

p.s feel free to comment here if you want to get in touch with Kyle and I'll make sure he checks it -- I'm not sure what his new email address will be. I'll post that ASAP too.  

Monday, July 5, 2010

Using a little Spanish

Hey guys,
Happy 5th of July! Yesterday was awesome for us....we have been working really hard day after day and it has been difficult finding new people to teach we have been pleading with the Lord and have been working hard to get out of his rut.... until yesterday. It was a normal day of church, there were some great testimonies borne in sacrament meeting and the classes were good. During third hour one of the members of the bishopric came up to us with a name written on a paper. He said a few minutes before he heard the church phone ringing and he answered it... there was a hispanic woman who was on the phone and had been trying to get ahold of the church for about two weeks. He asked her a few questions and after talking she really wanted the missionaries over to her house. She was ecstatic about their conversation and was really looking forward to meeting us. Immediately after church we went over to her house. This woman's name is Francis, she has lived in Utica for over 30 years but recently married Juan from the Dominican Republic. Her home is nice and well kept (which is always a great sign). Juan just moved with his children to live with Francis in Utica. One of Juan's children is Anny, she's 20 years old and joined the church 2 years ago. They got here 2 weeks ago and the transition has been difficult because they don't speak english. Francis is the only one that speaks english so she has to translate for everyone. Anny is really struggling with the move because she really loved the church there and hadn't found the church here yet. Anny's face lit up when she saw us, it was such a cool experience to see the comfort that she found when she saw missionaries from the church. For the past two weeks Anny has been telling Francis all about the church and begging her to call the church...which is ironic because Francis has been searching and searching for the right church for years. We sat down and started asking a few questions. With all three years of my highschool level spanish, i tried to communicate with Anny... i asked her if she likes pencils and how many backpacks she has.. (my spanish is limited to mostly school supplies and little conversational language). We started talking to Francis and she told us her background. She has had a tough past few years. She has prayed and prayed that God would guide her to what's right... and then Juan's family moved in. She said when she called the church, Brother Bloss answered and as she spoke to him this rush of warmth went through her body and she cried. We bore testimony to her that it was the Holy Ghost. As we said that she said she felt it again. Long story short.... we're going back to teach her the gospel and she loves us a lot. Anny is really excited to be able to come to church and Francis is coming with her. 
This whole experience has really built me up. I have a lot of gratitude for the church... I can't really explain it, but wherever I go... when i see our church buildings it puts everything in perspective. This isn't our work... it's God's work. I put myself in Anny's shoes... and I think my first reaction to moving to another country would be to find the church. 
We're getting ready to head off for zone conferences again. This week we have Albany and Utica. Elder Cook and i have been working late trying to get our trainings together.
I don't remember if i mentioned it, but i'll be doing two more firesides. One on the 18th in Utica and one on Aug 1st in Albany.
i love you all. pray for missionary opportunities!
Elder Warr

Monday, June 14, 2010

Up and down the state of New York

I have seriously been up and down the state of New York multiple times this past week. There was an emergency transfer that we had to take care of and that was really stressful because it all started with President Bulloch getting a phone call from a branch president down state who said that he had been hearing from members that the missionaries were out doing some bad things. President sent us down there to "figure out what's going on". We left early that morning and showed up to their apartment to hear rock music blasting inside.... long story short, we emergency transferred them out and put two solid missionaries in there . they almost got sent home.

There have been some great things happening in Utica. We have one man named Gary with a baptismal date of July 3rd. He has been coming to church and loves it. He has come a long way in his life, and his repentance is real. We're also working with the Glazier family. We met them last week because they wanted us to teach their 7 year old son to prepare him for baptism... and the dad (Cory) isn't a member and we have started to get really close to them. Cory says he's ready to really get into this.They told us yesterday that they think we were brought to Utica for them. I love these people. We have been talking with President Bulloch, and we have set up another piano fireside that i'll be doing here in Utica.. that will be July 18th.

We have been doing transfer planning this week. This has been such a cool experience for me because we sit in front of a huge board with all of the missionaries' picture and names, and then we start moving things around depending on each missionary's personality and skills. I love watching President Bulloch discern between different things and i have learned so much from him! After transfer planning the spirit was so strong we began talking about a lot of personal things. President Bulloch talked about his childhood growing up on a farm in Utah and the struggles he had there. We spoke about some of the experiences in our lives that have brought us to this point. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. The Lord has done so much for me and i have been given so many things that i can't really put to words my gratitude. My mission has changed me. I have been so blessed, and i love my life.

I love you all! I have got to go, we're heading out to work in Syracuse tomorrow!


Elder Warr

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy busy busy

Hey guys, this week while we were up in Potsdam for zone conference i had the opportunity to see John Chapman get baptized! I got really close John and his family so it was a great experience his baptism. Missionaries have been working on him for quite some time, and we were so excited to be a part of his conversion.
We're keeping busy. Lots and lots of driving! We will be going to Owego then Syracuse this week and a big new missionary meeting here in Utica on Friday.
sorry, no big email this week, but here are some pictures!
Elder Warr

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sicky Ky Ky

Well, this week has been a roller coaster.
I have been sicker than a dog. Wednesday we went to Albany to work with the Elders there. It was so cool to see some of the poeple that i taught over a year ago. But Thursday night i got another fever, so i couldn't really do much, i just went straight to sleep, i woke up in the morning and felt a lot better. Saturday i ate way too much because we had two meal appointments back to back. Then at about 3 in the morning Sunday i couldn't sleep because my stomach was going crazy, and then i emptied everything out of my system. We had a baptism Sunday morning so i was literally fighting to stay awake and coherent. I had to play the piano... haha i seriously probably looked like i was on drugs... i don't even know how i managed to play anything. After church we went home and i slept for 7 hours. Then i threw up a few more times. In the mean time, i have been working on a training that i'll be presenting at the zone conferences.... and on top of that i'm learning the area and getting to know our investigators.
A few days ago, i got a call from John Chapman in Potsdam. He has decided to get baptized and asked if i would play a musical number at his baptism. I was a little overwhelmed because i worked really hard with John, and i am so happy that he has decided to follow the Savior. The miracle of the whole thing is that we will be in Potsdam for a zone conference the day of his baptism!
Through all of this, i have grown a lot. I guess i'm being refined. I really feel like i'm being stretched, and i'm only getting started.
sorry i don't have much time, but i love you all.
Elder Warr

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Office

Hello Hello!
So, here i sit, in the mission office. My morning has been packed with filling out reports from the last week's statistics, counseling with President Bulloch about some zone conference ideas, figuring out if we're driving down to Binghamton tomorrow, and whatever else. It has surprised me a couple times when we get a call from President Bulloch with a problem or issue and then he tells us to come up with a solution and then report back to him with the answer. I'm starting to realize how much of an influence i have on this mission. These missionaries watch everything we do. I have spent a lot of time in prayer to the Lord to ask for inspiration and support.
Elder Fullmer is my companion. He's from Sandy UT. He's such a great humble guy. He's probably the most tempered person i have ever met. He also has a really funny sense of humor so we get along really well.... and there's an integrity in him that i am trying to absorb. I am really looking forward to serving with him and i am so grateful to be working and counseling by his side. I guess one thing that i don't have to worry about in being in Utica is if I'm going to have strong companions. haha.
I met the ward yesterday, it's a lot bigger than Potsdam was. We had meetings in the morning and then we peeked into the chapel for a second and the ward choir was practicing for a musical number that day. there were only about 8 people.... they begged us to help them out. Take note that i had just come from Potsdam which has an AMAZING choir. We helped them out. The song was "I Believe in Christ". We were basically just singing all four verses with the piano. I made a few suggestions of ways to alter the song and add some dynamics.... they were all really skeptical at first because they didn't think they could do it. We tried it out, practiced it, and they sounded great! Everyone was excited to sing it. I think that really opened my eyes for a second about music in my life. I noticed that i might have a future in something similar to that. But we'll see how it goes. The Utica ward is really diverse, and i don't know everyone yet, but i have noticed that they arent very personable with the missionaries... they see us as "the elders". Elder Fullmer and I are going to work on that and start to build some friendships with these members.
i love and pray for all of you.
Elder Warr

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

first day as AP

Hey guys,
Well, i made it to Utica...i got here about 5 hours ago and now I'm here in the office with Elder Fullmer, and we have had a crazy day already. The life of an assistant to the president is yet to be defined.... i will let you know when i find a good way to articulate what i'm feeling. We were scheduled to pick up the new missionaries from the Syracuse airport at 2:00. We got to the airport to find out that their flight has been cancelled due to technical difficulties. Then President Bulloch was in contact with Salt Lake for about an hour trying to figure out when they could possibly arrive. Turns out they are going to stay the night in Detroit and will fly and arrive here at 9am tomorrow.... So we came straight back to Utica. In the car to and from Syracuse we have been talking about so much that has to happen in the next couple weeks. It's so different being in such a close proximity with President Bulloch... it's only been a few hours and i feel like i have already learned so much. I cannot believe how much trust he puts in me as one of his assistants. He will talk plainly and straight-forward about missionaries and problems in the mission. President Bulloch literally looks to us for answers and solutions. I am just trying to take this all in.... but it gets more and more exciting as the time goes by. I am really anxious to see what will happen within the next few months of my life.
I love you guys, i enjoyed talking to all of you!
Here is the email that President Bulloch wrote to us this week, i really liked it and i thought you guys would enjoy it because it doesnt only apply to missionaries. enjoy!
May 10, 2010
Dear Elders and Sisters,
       I hope there is a sense of optimism about the new transfer.  The Oxford English Dictionary defines optimism as having "hopefulness and confidence about the future or successful outcome of something; a tendency to take a favorable or hopeful view." The word is originally derived from the Latin optimum, meaning "best." Being optimistic, in the typical sense of the world, ultimately means one expects the best possible outcome from any given situation.  To me optimism is captured best in the gospel principle of hope. Hope gives an assurance that “the desired blessing will be fulfilled in the future…” (PMG, 117)  On the other hand, pessimism is the tendency to see, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, or problems (see Wikipedia Encyclopedia).  The most common metaphor to illustrate the difference between the optimism and pessimism is the one that asks if we view a glass of water as half full or half empty.  I hope you have learned that how we view things has a dramatic effect on our attitude.  And our attitude has a dramatic effect on our happiness. 
       One of the great lessons of this life is that happiness is not the absence of difficulty, but the ability to see difficulty in the context of the gospel plan, and deal with it in a positive way.  “For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things.  If not so… righteousness could not be brought to pass, neither… happiness” (2 Nephi 2:11).  Opposition and difficulty are necessary elements of truly understanding and enjoying happiness.  If my happiness is totally dictated by the circumstances and conditions around me, my happiness will in large measure be out of my control.  When I understand that lasting joy and happiness are fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22), I will find happiness in doing things that invite the Spirit.  Have you noticed that it is very difficult to be pessimistic and happy at the same time?  It is like trying to be happy and angry at the same time.  It just doesn’t work.  On the other hand, have you noticed how things change when we have an optimistic view?  When we look at the bright side it invites light into our lives.  As we learn to “submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord” (Mosiah 24:15) we will learn to find peace and hope, even in difficult situations.  Hope and peace create an optimistic view that invites greater happiness.  I invite each of you to look for the good in your life.  No matter how difficult things may seem, I guarantee you it would not take me five seconds to find someone you would not want to trade places with.  Life is good—enjoy it!
       May Lord bless and guide you always,
       President Bulloch

Monday, May 3, 2010

District Conference

Hey guys,
All is well in Potsdam. We had District Conference (like Stake Conference) yesterday. President Bulloch came and spoke about murmuring. There were about 8 speakers... and one of the speakers was Sister Crump! It was really rewarding to see her speak because all the flashbacks of teaching her the gospel came into my brain... when i first met her she was questioning everything, and it was such an awesome thing to see her speaking with confidence. Right after District Conference we got to witness Brother Crump recieve the Melchizedek priesthood! That was rewarding as well. I really love the Crumps, they are planning a trip out west within the next year or so to see Salt Lake and visit Elder Fredericksen and me. Elder Killpack and I sang in the choir, so we were sitting on the stand the whole time. We sang three songs. One of them was "Cast Your Burden On The Lord" by Sally Deford, the words are beautiful, maybe i'll paste them in here.
Cast your burden on the Lord and he will make it light Come unto him, ye heavy laden, Find your rest in Christ. Bring him your sorrows, all your grief. Lay every weakness at his feet. He will sustain you, give you peace. And lead you into life

Cast your burden on the Lord and he will heal your soul. Place on his altar all your sin and he will bear its toll. Bring him your blindness born of pride. Give him your broken heart to bind. It was for this he bled and died: That he might make you whole.

Cast your burden on the Lord and he will carry you home. He will attend you and defend through perils yet unknown. Put your unwavering trust in him. Christ, your constant heavenly friend Hath graven you in the palms of his hands And ne'er forsakes his own.
Just so everyone knows.. I will be calling you guys on Sunday because it's Mother's Day. I'll start calling at 3pm my time... so you all should be expecting a phone call around 1 or 2 your time. I know you're all excited to talk to me, so maybe you all should make notes about things you want to tell me and how much you love me. :) I had an interview with President Bulloch, and it's looking like i am going to finish my mission in Potsdam, we find out for sure on Saturday. Yesterday a non-member came up to us and said that he wants to take the discussions and get baptized, so that's something to look forward to. we have 3 baptismal candidates, so there are definitely some things rolling here.
I love you guys.  Talk to you Sunday!
Elder Warr

Monday, April 19, 2010

ups and downs in potsdam

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Dear Everyone-
A lot of ups and downs here in Potsdam. I'll start with the downs. This week seemed like the Lord was testing our endurance. It rained for about four days straight. It was like we were out in the trenches hour after hour. No one really wanted to listen... we were wet, and tired. We prayed a lot. I tripped off someone's doorstep when we were knocking on the door and looked really akward... and then i couldn't stop laughing... so i wasn't able to talk. Street after street people said "No"... or "I don't need to strengthen my faith".... or "Oh...we're not Mormon." (duh)....or "We're Catholic".... or "I don't believe in Jehovah's Witnesses" (and then close the door before we can say anything). or..."We're agnostic, but God Bless You."....
On the up side of things. We have been teaching a woman named Amy. I mentioned her a few weeks ago. We've been teaching her for 4 months or so. She's now come to church 3 weeks in a row. She's reading the Book of Mormon or Ensign every day. She didn't really have a strong belief in God before we started teaching her. Her Husband is an administrator at a phsyciatric clinic... and she's looking to be a highschool principal. She loves President Uchtdorf. Her Husband doesn't believe in God and is starting to notice that she's really serious about this, so recently he has been studying philosophy and reading about mormons on wikipedia. Amy told us that she purposely goes and reads the Book of Mormon in front of him because she thinks it's funny that he goes to wikipedia to read about Mormonism. She is really impressed with the people in the church because she sees a sincerity in them. it's great! I think she's one of the reasons i came to Potsdam. We've developed a cool friendship.
I hope you are all looking for reasons to share your testimony with people, even if it's in subtle ways.
love ya

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Missionary skills

We got transfer calls, and i'll be staying up here in Potsdam for another 6 weeks with Elder Killpack. That'll be 6 months in this area. I hope to stay here for the rest of my mission... that would be 9 months here. President Bulloch has been talking a lot about leaving missionaries in areas longer anyways.
The past couple weeks were a little slow because the 3 colleges up here had spring break. I don't really know what the word "break" means anymore. yeah... we take a lunch break, but we call it lunch hour. that's not even a break. But, it has been nice because a lot of families are together and are at home... so we did have some success in teaching quite a bit of lessons. The Crumps have been bringing a family to church and dinner the past few weeks, now we're teaching them. Hopefully you're all looking for families to bring to church or dinner with the missionaries too... i think the Patterson's are leading in that statistic. good job guys. Dad and Tammy had Robert Hunt over for dinner on his birthday (he's serving his mission in boise).
I have been sick the past few days,so i have been going to bed early. Sunday after church i wasn't feeling good at all so we stayed in for the rest of the day. I couldn't sleep.... so i read the book of Romans, and then i read a good majority of "Jesus The Christ". I don't think i have read for that many consecutive hours ever before. it felt really good because usually in my personal studies in the morning i am always upset that i don't have more time to study... we only get an hour of personal study. You RM's probably know what im talking about... the rest of you don't... haha im just kidding. anways. i have been feeling better lately.
I have started to notice something in my own missionary work. As missionaries, sometimes we get caught up in just saying missionary things or missionary phrases. As i have been a missionary longer, i have become really observant of how to talk to people. I have taken all of those phrases and words and put them into normal and casual language. I have learned how to read peoples' faces. I have learned to speak with more conviction because if there's no conviction behind anyone's words not only in missionary work but in any aspect of communication, then the listener won't be as effected. As i go on exchanges with other missionaries in our zone, a lot of my advice to them is about talking to people. What happens mostly to younger missionaries is that they just sound like a salesman without a personality, or a machine with memorized responses. I love pumping up other missionaries by saying stuff like "What do you want this person to feel? What do you want them to know? How can you show them that you love it? Are you excited to tell them about the restored gospel?" I think my favorite aspect of missionary work right now is just being out talking to different people. I love working with new missionaries.
welp, i love you guys, and i'm doing well. my mission is great.
elder warr

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

...qualify to be members of His church.

Hello family!

It has been warm up here, and i don't think i have ever been so grateful to see grass... weird. We missionaries call this month "Muddy March" because all of the frozen ground starts to thaw out and it's just a big muddy mess. There's no use in washing our truck because mud will just get flung all over it.
Potsdang is doing great, there are people prepared all over this area, and since we arent in our area very often... the Lord sustains us with miracles. the past 2 weeks have been great because we have been pleading the Lord for more people to teach, and we have found 6 really strong people since. I am starting to understand a little bit better the phrase in the scriptures "Ask and ye shall recieve".
As you are aware, Glenn Beck is a mormon. Not too long ago he did a show in SLC called "An Unlikely Mormon" if you havent heard of it, you should get it because it's pretty funny, and it is a testimony of how this gospel can change people. We have watched it a couple times recently.

So, as we are sitting here emailing in the Potsdam public library, there's a girl sitting accross from us who keeps talking to us. She asked if we were the mormons, and she told us that her sister is a mormon in Liverpool. I served there.. and I know about her sister, but i didn't know her personally. I asked her if she is a member and she said no because she had her records removed from the church. I asked if she's a practicing member of any other church, and she said she's baptist now. She was baptized into the church when she was a teenager and i asked what motivated her to leave the church, she said "I wasn't committed in my heart, and i was just seeking my father's approval." Then she said that the church just isn't for her, and she found her faith in the baptist church. I have seen that over and over and over again. If our church doesnt meet someone's personal qualifications, then they come to the conclusion that it isn't true. The Lord isn't looking to make a church based on our qualifications, it's the opposite, we have to qualify to be members of His church. Many people think that the principles and standards in our church don't match God's will. To those people, i love reading the Savior's words "If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether i speak of myself." (John 7:17) We didnt make these rules up, and there is always a blessing attached to every commandment that we are expected to live.."And when we obtain any blessing from God it is by obedience to that law upon which it was predicated." (D&C 130:22). I could go over to this woman and tell her all of this, and maybe i will, but regardless, she has to choose.
anyways, that's what's in my heart right now as i write you this email.

i love you all!

Elder Warr

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great stuff

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Hey guys, it's me, kyle.

All is well here in Potsdam, not much out of the ordinary happened. Elder Killpack is a fun guy... he likes to work so we have fun together. We both have a good grasp on missionary work so it's nice to just be able to get out there and teach. He's a golfer so we're pretty excited for spring to come so we can golf.

We gave an african woman a Book of mormon a few weeks ago and followed up with her this week. She had read 11 chapters of 1 Nephi in one sitting, and she said she couldn't put it down. She's originally from Texas and she has a really strong grasp on Christianity. Her whole life she has heard horrible things about the Book of Mormon, and has avoided it for a long time. Finally she said she doesn't want to be ignorant of it anymore and she loves it. She literally recited all of the details back to us even down to how many siblings Nephi has. She's awesome.. we'll keep you updated with that. She's studying to become a nurse, so she has a huge exam coming up soon and doesn't want to meet with us for a month. that was a bummer. Her name is Esther.

Mom sent me my acceptance letter from BYU-Idaho, that's good to know it's set in stone. The cool thing is that this morning i called President Bulloch to ask him if i can get some things done on the computer for BYU-I and he told me to go ahead and do that. Then he told me some awesome news. Apparently President Bulloch has two ecclesiastical scholarships that he can give to his missionaries... he gave one of those to me. It might not be a HUGE scholarship but a boost. He's awesome, i was really happy about that.

I love you guys! be of good cheer

Elder Warr

Monday, February 22, 2010

We have to wait until Mother's Day to hear about the big miracle!!@?!

Hola everyone, how are we?

Welp, I dropped off Elder Fredericksen and picked up Elder Killpack on Thursday, and then we had ZLC on Friday in Utica. ZLC was good, it was really great to see some of the new zone leaders that had been called, a couple of them i havent seen for a long time. Naturally, i make close friends. A lot of the guys that i have served with have gone home. It's a weird experience because when i came on my mission i just assumed that i would be here forever, i didnt really know how to guage how long two years would be. Seeing my mission friends go home has opened my eyes a little bit... and i'm working harder. Elder Fredericksen and i had a pretty incredible miracle happen to us recently, it's too long to write, so i'll probably have to tell you about it on mother's day.
We had great news when we first got to Utica. The mission bought two brand new 2010 Chevy Colorados, and we get one of them! It has 4wd and a couple other fixins. We love it. We kind of feel spoiled when we ride up to humble peoples' homes in a brand new sweet truck, so we try to stay modest by parking down the street.

Elder Killpack is a great guy, i am really satisfied that we will be serving together for the next few months. He's from Delta Ut, He goes home in June, so i hope i'll get to see him die here (when you go home from your mission, you die). I really could see myself dying here in Potsdam... and i hope for that too, i really like these people, they help us out a lot. Elder Killpack likes racquetball too, so we'll get along fine. He is a really funny guy... he doesn't really like any food except for pizza and potatoes. The texture of a lot of foods really grosses him out. The funny this is that his first day he got here, for lunch a member made us fish with the scales still on it. hahah. We're having fun, i tease him about his eating... but he dishes it back.

We continue to see blessings from the Lord, I can seriously say that the Lord has literally dropped us in peoples' paths because they were prepared to recieve us, it's an amazing thing to witness.

I miss you all, and you're in my prayers.

Elder Warr

p.s. i'll send pictures of everything next week.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Transfers and Baptisms

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Hey guys! a lot to update you with.

First off-- Elder Fredericksen is getting transferred, and ill be getting a new companion. We're a little bummed because we have really enjoyed our time serving together, but it's ok because we got to spend 3 months here in Potsdam together... plus the MTC. My new companion is Elder Killpack. So It will be elders Warr and Killpack together. that's a mean duo. I know Elder Killpack, he's a really good guy, i have seen him a lot around the mission, so it will be fun.

Second off-- We had a baptism this week! Alex Trudel was baptized. We have been working with him for about 3 months, it was really fun to see him grow and accept the restored gospel. He's a young father and he has a really sweet wife and a cute little daughter.

Third off-- We will be in Utica for a few days come tomorrow, so that will be fun to go to ZLC and talk about a few things going on in the mission.

Fourth off-- It seems like we have been teaching some really old folks lately. Last week we taught an 89 yr old man and gave him a Book of Mormon. He's a WWII veteran and he told us he has literally killed thousands of people. He was a bomber and dropped hunderds of bombs on Germany. It was so interesting to listen to his stories. He didnt believe in God, and he has a pretty scarred consciensce because of all the death he was exposed to early on in his life. The other one was last night. We taught a 93 year old man... this guy was an antique!! He was born in 1916 (around WWI)... and he told us the story of his childhood literally 10 times. Eventually we just had to say "Bob, you told us that you were born in Massachusetts 5 times already." He wasn't retaining much of what we were saying, so we left, but it was a good experience for me. It reminded me of the 81 year old man Art Monty who we baptized when i was in Liverpool.

Fifth off-- that's all i have for you guys.

i love you! here's some pics!

mom sent me a couple baby pics, i thought they would be funny for everyone. the other is Alex's baptism. and the other is us with the crump's downing some root beer floats.

Monday, February 8, 2010

on growing up a little bit...

Dear my people... all over the country- Hello from New York!

The church updated their emailing system and they signed a contract with google so it's more convenient for us to email. I just wanted to let everyone know that this is my new email. the only different is a dot between kyle and warr.. so it's now it's pretty simple.

Since i am emailing all of you i might as well update you with what's happening in my life.

First i want to thank all those who sent me birthday stuff, i really can't believe i'm 21.... tomorrow. i still feel like a 16 year old... but when i look back on the past 19 months of my life, i notice a few differences in myself. i like to think that i have grown up a little bit.

I'm still in Potsdam New York.. i have been here for about three months. There are so many good people up here. I've experience a lot and learned a ton from these people.. a lot of them are humble farmers and barely scraping by, but they are willing to give so much. I see these great hearted people, and i have a better vision of the type of man that i should be one day. I've learned how to weld... i've helped build a donkey barn, I have split hundreds of peices of wood, I saw Canada for the first time in my life, I play racquetball every week, and i am fully satisfied that i could probably beat any one on my emailing list at a one-on-one game.... haha. But most importantly, through teaching the gospel, i have seen many people make huge sacrifices and realize that they are sons and daughters of God. Many people don't know their purpose in life, and are genuinely searching... but as they have humbly turn to Heavenly Father, they learn that God really does answer prayers and that it was their own pride that clouded their relationship to him... then they understand a little bit better what they need to do, and then comes the realization that God's plan is real. I have seen it time and time again, and with that many instances of people changing, it strengthens my own faith. One of my favorite scriptures says:

"But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know [them], because they are spiritually discerned."
-1 corinthians 2:14

It takes humility to feel the spirit. Faith and doubt are opposites.

Anyways... i'll get off my soapbox.

I love you guys, and i hope you know that i am loving my mission. I can't believe that it's coming down to 5 months. I'm so lucky to have the family and friends that i do... you have all had a huge impact on my life. Thanks for the support!

love forever and ever,

Elder Kyle Warrg

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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From: Kyle Warr []
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 9:24 AM
Subject: Hey Hey

Hey guys, this email is going to be a little shorter because we're
heading over to Malone to spend some time with the Elders over there.

Everything is going great. The weather has been nice, today is in the
50's so that's a relief... a little rainy, but better than 0 degrees. We
met with Amy again, she's doing great. She's the woman who's sister is
investigating in NYC. We have been really impressed with her
comprehension of the Book of Mormon, especially considering that she
doesn't really read the Bible. She said that she has become more
spiritual since we have been meeting with her. Her questions are always
really sincere and effective. Her husband isn't a big fan of religion
and she said "i need to work on him"... showing us that she's actually
looking into what we're saying and considering it in her future. she's
asks questions like "so if i was to join the church..." that's always a
good sign because she's weighing out the consequences. I always feel the
spirit when we go there, and i feel like she may be one reason i was
brought to Potsdam. She said something that made us feel really good.
She was a teacher for a while and she has met some really outstanding
kids, and she could tell the ones who were honest and competent. Then
she said that she had never met young men like us who were so upright
and cared to serve people so much and that it was a privelidge for her
to have us at her home. If Amy joins, she will be an incredible
Latter-Day Saint.

The Crumps have been coming to church regularly. We are getting really
close to them. They are looking to get sealed in the temple. They said
they might even want to wait, and then get sealed out west so that Elder
Fredericksen and I could be there. That would be great. Sister Crump has
had a big change of heart lately, and it's been sweet watching them
grow. This is missionary work!! The hours and hours of teaching pay off
when you see people exercise faith and come to the Lord.

We have a standard in our mission to talk to 100 people every week. We
call them OYM's (open your mouth). It feels good to do that. Most of the
people we talk to are students at SUNY Potsdam or Crane school of music.
Students are really skeptical and searching for knowledge.

I love you guys.

p.s. a Jewish lady told us to go to H-E-double hockey sticks yesterday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Warr House

Hey guys-

It's been a little bit warmer the past few days. A couple days it got up to the 40's, and it's surprising that i consider that warm. It was nice to have the sun come out for a little while and not just constant snow. Apparently it will get ugly again. I asked some members if winter was starting to slow down and they laughed at me. I think my brain still thinks that February is when it starts to get warm, but then i realize that not everywhere is like California.

Yesterday Elder Fredericksen and i were tracting and we came up to a house that had a sign that said "Warr House" on it. I got really excited. We knocked it and i pretended like i didnt see the sign. A middle aged man came to the door and said hello. I introduced myself with a little emphasis "elder WARR" and then he said "you've gotta be kidding me, is your last name really Warr??"i said yeah and then he told us that there are only 1100 Warrs in North America and the majority of them are in England. His name is Steve Warr. He didn't know any Warr's from Idaho, but he said that we are distantly related. I felt like we were instant friends... and i really wanted to teach him. We talked a little bit about the church and then he said that he and his wife are going to Florida for a couple months but we can come back in March. I'll probably still be here in March, but how awesome would that be if i were to teach him and bring him to the gospel? I imagine if the Warr's that came here from England were early members of the church? President Eckersley used to say that our family members on the other side of the veil are constanly praying that we will research them or find their living kin. Maybe someone in our family could enlighten me on that and let me know when the Warr side joined the church. Elder Fredericksen and i are going to go to the family history center in the coming weeks to see if we can find any links.. and then hopefully i could show him how we're related. I got a really good feeling as i talked to Steve, and i had never really felt like that before.

We had 3 investigators come to church yesterday. We are teaching an awesome woman named Amy in Canton, she's the woman who's sister is investigating in NYC. This past thursday when we came to follow up, she had read King Benjamin's address and retained most of it. She really liked it. We can't wait to meet with her again this thursday, and we'll invite her to church.

I'll keep you updated with our peeps and everything. We have been spending hours and hours out on the streets talking to people hoping to find people to teach. We meet so many funny people, i wish i could tell you all about them.

love you guys,

Elder Warr

we had a "Primary MTC Day" at the church on saturday, we got to give some valuable training to the primary kids. we did some fun stuff.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In small town Potsdam...

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Subject: Happy New Year!

Happy 2010!

I can't believe it's 2010. This is going to be a big year for me. and
it's weird that i can say i'll be home "this" year.

I recieved the news that Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl!! sweet! in
celebration i am wearing my Boise State sweatshirt to racquetball today.
(we have been playing every week...)

We have P-day today because it's transfer week. Elder Fredericksen and i
will be staying together for 6 more weeks... thats awesome, we don't
want a change, and they said they are probably going to leave us
together for a while. Our zone is changing a lot, we're getting 2 brand
new missionaries, and it will be cool because new missionaries always
bring faith and miracles to areas. we call it greenie fire.

The work here in Potsdam goes good. We are working a lot and
fellowshipping with part member families because the non-members in part
member families already have exposure to the church, so they are more
prone to feel the spirit and understand. We are working with a canadian
guy named alex.. he's 22, and newly married to one of the girls in the
branch. they havent been to church in months, and we got them to come on
sunday. Tomorrow we are going to set him with a baptismal date. pray for
us! we are really working up a lot of momentum up here in the north
country. It's funny because Elder Fredericksen and i have both served in
the biggest and most populated areas in the mission, and they brought
both of us up to this tiny little town of Potsdam... but i love it.
Being a zone leader is nice because you don't feel monitored, and you
can be an example. Also, i told you guys about Brother Crump. He has
been less active since he was 17... has really been opposed to the
church. Well, we've been working with him really closely by playing
racquetball on mondays and teaching him on sunday nights... and because
he has been reading the Book of Mormon, something is growing inside of
him. he told us on sunday that he's ready to come back. yes!! you dont
understand how happy that makes me. I feel like a lot of my mission has
been going to find the Lord's lost sheep in upstate NY. A ton of
success on my mission has been with less active members of the church. I
love meeting people who lost their testimonies or have concerns. I love
making them laugh and then teaching them the gospel... when they feel
your love they will take anything from you. I think it's so amazing to
watch someone rekindle a fire of testimony that they once had, and then
see them change. Someone re-activated into the church is just as
successful as a baptism. that's a principle i've learned on my mission.

it's snowing a ton. we have a little grill on our back porch, and
there's probably 2 feet of snow piled on that thing. it has been snowing
nonstop for 4 days now. Snow is beautiful, but it's to the point where
it hinders us. Stomping through 2 and a half feet of snow for hours can
get old, but it makes me feel like i'm making more effort to bring the
gospel to people.

i love you guys!

Elder Warr

Friday, January 1, 2010

Expressions of Awe?

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Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 9:05 AM

Apparently because i talked to everyone on Christmas day, you all
neglected to write me an email this week. i'll keep this email short.

Elder Warr.

Im just kidding. I'll tell you a little bit about my past 3 days.
Yesterday Elder Fredericksen and i spoke in church. They asked us to
speak on topics in Preach My Gospel. Elder Fredericksen spoke on the
restoration and i spoke on The Book of Mormon. I think i was really bold
because there were some funny expressions in the congregation, but maybe
those were expressions of awe. It was fun, and we had 2 investigators
there so it was a great opportunity to teach in more depth.

Up here in Potsdam, there isn't a stake. it's a District... the District
President calls this area "the far reaching corners of the vineyard".
The Massena branch 15 miles from here only has 5 active members because
the majority of them have apostasized. I have also forgot to tell you
all that there are a TON of Amish people up here. I had no clue until a
couple weeks ago when i randomly saw a bearded man driving a horse n
buggy by us on the road. I am so interested in those people, they live
such a different lifestyle. Did you know that Amish people can shop at
Wal-mart? It's funny when we're getting groceries because sometimes they
will be there, and they all look at the magazines. Part of our area is
only a couple miles from Canada. It's tempting to go over there... i
have never been out of the US... why not now? anyways...

I have been reading the past conference edition of the Ensign, and there
have been a lot of times that i have thought of you all when i read it.
i want you to look through that Ensign because it can help with a lot of
your situations and problems.

welp, i love you guys more than you love me.

Elder Warr