Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

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Hello Hello--

We had an awesome Christmas program at church yesterday. Since we are in
the choir we had a mighty performance. We sang about 5 songs, and the
director is awesome because he taught music a Crane for about 40 years
and a couple years at BYU as well. My favorite was "What Child is This?"

I think this has been the most meaningful Christmas of my life. i have
learned so much more about the Savior and his mission, but i also
realized that my Christmas experiences growing up were not special
because of presents, but because our family was together. The hymns have
been more meaningful this year.

Elder Fredericksen and i both have stockings hanging by the tree, and
we're both constantly reminding eachother that we hope santa comes to
fill our stocking... it's a little weird because we're both wondering if
we're going to buy stuff for eachother, but we dont talk about it. and
the fact that we're toghether 24/7 makes it even more interesting. On
Christmas morning it will be interesting to see if santa came.

On Christmas day we have some good plans. Of course i will be talking to
you guys... but for breakfast we will be going to the La Barge's home to
eat. Brother La Barge was a gang banger for the majority of his life and
has tattoos all over his body. He nor his wife have any teeth, and their
kids are really homely. They are sooo excited that we're coming over to
eat with them, and their normal behavior is entertaining to us. My first
time going over there, they offered me a can of beer... so i went along
with it thinking they were joking... he got 2 cold beers out of the
fridge and started driking one... he insisted that i open it, so i
opened it to find that it was full of candle wax and a wick. They all
roared with laughter, and it made their day. For dinner we had
spaghetti... the sauce was really sweet... then he mentioned that he put
maple syrup in the sauce. haha... that's why we like going over there,
because something interesting always happens. After the La Barges, we
want to go to an old folk's home and spend time with the elderly. We're
hoping they will have a piano so i can play some christmas songs for
them. The rest of the day we'll probably just study and ponder a lil

well, i love you guys, and i hope you have a great Christmas! ill talk
to you on friday!!

Elder Warr

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