Monday, December 14, 2009

"I can't even touch my toes."

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Happy December guys--

I'm still getting in the flow of things here in Potsdam. I think
sometimes my mind is overloaded with things being a zone leader now.
Sometimes it's hard to balance my thoughts because i have to think about
our investigators, our zone, and then myself. I'm being stretched a lot.
Speaking of being stretched.. i am not flexible at all.. i cant even
touch my toes. i dont know if it's genetic... can any of my siblings
touch their toes? can anyone in our family touch their toes? anyways...
There are some awesome music schools here in Potsdam-- Crane School of
Music is one of them... so there are a ton of lds students at this
branch who are really musical. it has been awesome! We are in the Branch
Choir.. which is lead by a non-member who taught for 40 years at Crane,
and he also taught at BYU. We are trying to teach him.. Brother Stephan
is his name. I met him and talked to him earlier in my mission when i
came to potsdam for a fireside... his wife is a member of the church. I
have been loving the music up here.

We had a baptism on saturday, two little boys who's parents went less
active a few years ago. They were so excited to get baptized, and the
elders had been working with them a couple months before i got here. We
have been finding like crazy up here. Last night we found a family of
four. The Yaketta family. they were a really humble family, and i loved
teaching them the gospel so much. I kept hearing in my mind.."they have
been prepared.... they have been prepared." One of my favorite things as
a missionary is seeing peoples' reaction to our message, whether it be
positive or negative..epecially people who have never heard it before...
some people grasp onto it right away, and others just have no clue or
desire to understand what we're saying. I have learned lately that some
people have the "gift of faith" to believe when they hear truth, and
others have a really hard time having faith because they don't possess
that gift.... but they can. Many people struggle with faith their whole
lives until they learn the recipe of developing faith. There has to be
desire backing their faith. One thing i tell people often is that no
matter what we do in our lives.. we cannot avoid the truth of why we're
all here. there may be thousands of different beliefs about God... but
truth is absolute... and there really is only ONE do we
find it? by asking God. I think i am one of those people who was blessed
with the gift of faith. i have never doubted this gospel once in my
life... but if we dont have that gift then is has to be given to us just
like any gift that you recieve from someone. anyways... i just felt like
i should tell you these things.

I love you all, and you should be expecting a christmas card from Elder
Fredericksen and me in the coming days!!


Elde Warr

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