Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Potsdam!

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Hello Potsdam!

Happy winter everyone
I had an awesome thanksgiving... i actually spent it in Utica at Presand Sister Bulloch's house. I drove up to Utica on Wednesday, and met upwith Elder Fredericksen, and then we stayed with the assistants for 3days. We couldnt go back to Potsdam because we had Zone Leader Councilin Utica on friday so there would have been no point to drive 3 hoursback for thanksgiving, and then 3 hours back for ZLC.
Thanksgiving was awesome, we ate at about noon, and it was fun becausethere were a few other missionaries there with us. President Bullochgave us a discourse after we ate, and then we all went around the tablesaying what we're thankful for. There wasn't one missionary in that roomthat didnt say they were grateful for their family. It caused me toreflect deeply on my blessings. I just wanted to tell you guys howthankful i am for this family. I cant believe how much my love for ourfamily has grown. I am who i am today because of Mom and Dad... theyworked hard to provide and teach me righteous things. Emily and Masonhave had an amazing impact on my life because of their examples.. and iam so grateful for their friendships. Blake, im really glad we becameclose before i left. I feel like Blake and my relationship over theyears was training for my companions on my mission. I have askedHeavenly Father repeatedly over the years why i am so lucky to have suchgreat blessings in my life. i feel like my mission is collateral toheavenly father for what he has given me. I am so lucky guys, and i wasthinking about you a lot during my thanksgiving time. thank you for thelove.
I also feel really blessed because i am serving with Elder Fredericksen!i feel like i am serving with my best friend... he's a stud, it has beenan awesome reunion since the MTC. We are having a blast, and ourteaching is really unified... and because we're both seasonedmissionaries, i feel like i dont have all the weight on me,he doesnthave to look at me for all the answers. it's a relief. I attached apicture of us in this email. We just took that picture as we areemailing.
Potsdam is great. The people are much more friendly than the people inSyracuse. The people are a little bit more homely up here in the northcountry, it's funny. Most people dont have teeth. But the students atSUNY Potsdam bring youth to the Branch so it's fun. This Branch also hasan awesome choir and they are really musical!
I gotta go but i love you all.

Elder Warr


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily, I sent Kyle a Package like three weeks ago and i haven't heard if he has gotten it yet. do you know anything?


Emily said...


He hasn't said anything to me. Maybe my mom knows. I think you should email him and ask him if he got it!
Also, if you used the packages address from the blog page, I'm sure he got it because he always gets mine. Peace.