Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking records

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Hey guys!

a lot has happened....

We got transfer calls, and they are sending me wayy up north to Potsdam,
NY to be a zone leader with Elder Fredericksen who was my MTC companion!
I love that guy so much. he's seriously a stud. ill be spending
thanksgiving and christmas with him, that will be fun. I am sad to leave
Syracuse, but my sadness is drown out by what i have to look forward to.
and on top of that, i will be in a car! someone told me that i have the
record for longest time walking-- 16 months. I'll be rolling in a 2009
chevy malibu. I guess it's really cold up there.

My buddy Nate is coming home from his mission in New Mexico today.
that's crazy how fast that was, i miss him a lot.

Yesterday at church because it was my last Sunday i was asked to do a
musical number, so i played "This is The Christ" with a Sister John. she
has an awesome voice, it was fun. Bearing my testimony when leaving an
area always makes me realize how much i have grown in that area. The
Lord has changed me a lot.

I decided that the thing i hate the most in life is saying goodbye to
people, im just not very good at it. I have this thing inside of me when
i meet people, i just want to be friends with them. I have realized how
many friendships and people i have come to love here. Im sad because i
have worked hard for these people here, and i love them, but im also so
excited for the coming months... that's called a "bittersweet" feeling
for those of you feel sad and happy but dont know how to articulate it
into words. I'm going to Utica in the morning to meet up with Elder
Fredericksen and then go up to Potsdam.

well, i hope you all have a thanksgiving full of laughter and love.
During your thanksgiving feast, reguardless of how large or small it be,
you should all go around the table and say how much you miss kyle, and
your favorite thing about him. that will add to the joy of the holiday.


elder warr

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