Monday, November 2, 2009

"breaking peoples' chairs"

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Another week has passed on my sojourn through NY.

Elder Dandridge and i are getting along well, he makes me laugh. He's a
drummer, so he's always banging on things.. sometimes i just have to
tune it out... especially when im studying. but i realized a while back
that it doesnt make life better if i make a deal out of little things...
because regardless, i still live with this person 24/7. No matter who
you are... there is NEVER going to be someone who does things exactly
the way you expect them to, they are always going to eat loud... or
leave lights on... or breath loud. i came to this conclusion- if we are
critical of others' ticks and habits, and if we let them bother us, it
will drive us crazy to the point of unhappiness. Think about Heavenly
Father... i think he's really patient with our ticks and habits... we
all do some things that you think would drive Him crazy. I've learned
that ALL people do things that arent normal... except for me.. because
what's normal to me, isnt necessarily normal to someone else.

The work is going good. We found some cool investigators this last week,
and we are hoping they are promising. You never know what could happen
before the second visit. After the second and third visit you can get a
good idea of how quickly someone can progress. sometimes people will
really surprise you though.. so that's where prayer comes in.

We have one with a baptismal date right now- Admiria, on Nov- 21st.
she's a little shakey, but we're working with her.

funny experience- on Tuesday we went teaching with a member- Brother
Kirkland... he came to teach a girl named Kelly with us. Brother
Kirkland is a 67 yr old, 280 lb black man from mississippi. He joined 2
years ago so he's still very baptist in his church language. Well, after
we taught her, we bore testimony and said the closing prayer. and then
Brother Kirkland was about to get up, and his chair broke, and he fell
to the ground. He was so embarassed, i ran over to help him up, and
after some intense lifting, he got up and said to Kelly "im so sorreh, i
come ova here and eat yo food, and break yo chair... im embarassed... my
face is probably blacker than it always is." haha, we all started

may we all look for ways to make bad situations light by laughing, by
smiling, or by breaking peoples' chairs.

i love you all.

Elder Warr

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