Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Breaking records

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Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 2009 9:44 AM
Subject: Goodbye Syracuse

Hey guys!

a lot has happened....

We got transfer calls, and they are sending me wayy up north to Potsdam,
NY to be a zone leader with Elder Fredericksen who was my MTC companion!
I love that guy so much. he's seriously a stud. ill be spending
thanksgiving and christmas with him, that will be fun. I am sad to leave
Syracuse, but my sadness is drown out by what i have to look forward to.
and on top of that, i will be in a car! someone told me that i have the
record for longest time walking-- 16 months. I'll be rolling in a 2009
chevy malibu. I guess it's really cold up there.

My buddy Nate is coming home from his mission in New Mexico today.
that's crazy how fast that was, i miss him a lot.

Yesterday at church because it was my last Sunday i was asked to do a
musical number, so i played "This is The Christ" with a Sister John. she
has an awesome voice, it was fun. Bearing my testimony when leaving an
area always makes me realize how much i have grown in that area. The
Lord has changed me a lot.

I decided that the thing i hate the most in life is saying goodbye to
people, im just not very good at it. I have this thing inside of me when
i meet people, i just want to be friends with them. I have realized how
many friendships and people i have come to love here. Im sad because i
have worked hard for these people here, and i love them, but im also so
excited for the coming months... that's called a "bittersweet" feeling
for those of you feel sad and happy but dont know how to articulate it
into words. I'm going to Utica in the morning to meet up with Elder
Fredericksen and then go up to Potsdam.

well, i hope you all have a thanksgiving full of laughter and love.
During your thanksgiving feast, reguardless of how large or small it be,
you should all go around the table and say how much you miss kyle, and
your favorite thing about him. that will add to the joy of the holiday.


elder warr

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things are swell in the 'Cuse.

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Subject: Peeps-


Had stake conference in Liverpool yesterday, the Palmyra temple
president came and said some really cool things. President Bulloch spoke
as well, he's so awesome.

I'm about to go play some basketball for our P-day activity.. im
excited, i havent played basketball in a while. One of my missionary
buddies, Elder Fowler has a grampa that knows Grampa Warr. I guess they
used to call Grampa "Buckshot". Elder Fowler's grandparents own
Starlight Theater in Idaho, so it was funny that we got to talk about it
and stuff.

Transfer calls are on Saturday, i have a feeling im leaving Syracuse. I
shall update you all when i get the chance. Everything is swell here in
the 'Cuse. :) adios!

with much supplication,
elder warr

Monday, November 9, 2009


Good morning

It snowed on thursday here in Syracuse, and today it's 70 degrees. it's been a roller coaster in trying to decide how warm to bundle up. We bought bus passes because it's going to start snowing, so we are going to have to learn how to work Syracuse in a completely different way... it will be interesting because the bus schedules here arent nearly as good as Albany's.

Well, Elder Dandridge and i have three investigators with baptismal dates right now for the end of November! A woman named Admiria, and then two sisters named Nikki, and Tiffany. The Lord has blessed us a lot lately by leading us to prepared people. the only problem is that these investigators arent seeing the importance of coming to church, they know that baptism is good... but in their minds baptism doesnt link to coming to church. If you could all include them in your prayers that would be great.

I spent a day in Cortland this week, it's about 40 minutes out of Syracuse... there's a new missionary that i exchanged with, and helped him with some struggles he was having. we had a good time. Yesterday we got a call to visit a man in the Veteran's Hospital, he's severely depressed, and he was becoming abusive to his family. He's a convert of 10 years, and he just wanted someone to talk to. He spoke about seeing men killed right in front of his face... i cant even imagine. I have met varieties of people... everyone has a story, and they're all different... the guys in that hospital experienced things that most of us wont experience in our lives. There's a sign on the front of the Veteran's hospital that says.."The Price of Freedom can be seen here".There are some veterans who were interested in learning more so we're going back tomorrow to teach them.

May we all look for Veterans to uplift this week. Maybe go and play board games with them at the nearest VA hospital... or put a flag up in the front yard.


Elder Warr

p.s. in the picture with the fishing pole... we were learning how to become "fishers of men"

Monday, November 2, 2009

"breaking peoples' chairs"

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Subject: Hey

Another week has passed on my sojourn through NY.

Elder Dandridge and i are getting along well, he makes me laugh. He's a
drummer, so he's always banging on things.. sometimes i just have to
tune it out... especially when im studying. but i realized a while back
that it doesnt make life better if i make a deal out of little things...
because regardless, i still live with this person 24/7. No matter who
you are... there is NEVER going to be someone who does things exactly
the way you expect them to, they are always going to eat loud... or
leave lights on... or breath loud. i came to this conclusion- if we are
critical of others' ticks and habits, and if we let them bother us, it
will drive us crazy to the point of unhappiness. Think about Heavenly
Father... i think he's really patient with our ticks and habits... we
all do some things that you think would drive Him crazy. I've learned
that ALL people do things that arent normal... except for me.. because
what's normal to me, isnt necessarily normal to someone else.

The work is going good. We found some cool investigators this last week,
and we are hoping they are promising. You never know what could happen
before the second visit. After the second and third visit you can get a
good idea of how quickly someone can progress. sometimes people will
really surprise you though.. so that's where prayer comes in.

We have one with a baptismal date right now- Admiria, on Nov- 21st.
she's a little shakey, but we're working with her.

funny experience- on Tuesday we went teaching with a member- Brother
Kirkland... he came to teach a girl named Kelly with us. Brother
Kirkland is a 67 yr old, 280 lb black man from mississippi. He joined 2
years ago so he's still very baptist in his church language. Well, after
we taught her, we bore testimony and said the closing prayer. and then
Brother Kirkland was about to get up, and his chair broke, and he fell
to the ground. He was so embarassed, i ran over to help him up, and
after some intense lifting, he got up and said to Kelly "im so sorreh, i
come ova here and eat yo food, and break yo chair... im embarassed... my
face is probably blacker than it always is." haha, we all started

may we all look for ways to make bad situations light by laughing, by
smiling, or by breaking peoples' chairs.

i love you all.

Elder Warr