Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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From: Kyle Warr [mailto:kylewarr@myldsmail.net]
Sent: Monday, October 26, 2009 9:05 AM
Subject: Good Day

Hello peepo's... it's a beautiful day here in Syracuse this morning.

The zone leaders are coming over this afternoon and we are all going to
carve pumpkins... we arent going to be allowed to proselyte during
halloween hours because it doesn't seem logisitic.... last year we went
to a restaurant on halloween night and people complimented our

anyways, it has been ridiculously beautiful lately, i attached a sweet
picture of Elder Dandridge and i in the forest.

Rob (the police officer we've been teaching) dropped us... he said he
doesnt think the church is for him.... that was like a dagger to my
heart. But, it's ok... because i just saved a bunch of money on my car
insurance by switching to Geico. We're still teaching Sunny, and she's
doing well, she brought her husband to church, and we were glad to see
them. there was a primary program yesterday... probably the most
interesting one i have ever seen. Another bike was stolen this week....
it's no surprise considering we live in the bike stealing capitol of the

Well, i love everyone

-elder warr

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