Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stressed out and losing hair

The transfer call came, and i will be staying in syracuse with Elder Dandridge for another transfer. I will also be District Leading here as well.

General Conference was last week. that was so awesome. I loved it all. but by far my favorite talk was Elder Holland's. If you know anyone that is doubting the Book of Mormon.... make them watch that talk! it's powerful. and i remember thinking to myself "now that's what an apostle's testimony sounds like". I also really liked Elder Christofferson's talk about Discipline.

Elder Marlin K Jensen (church historian) is coming to speak to our mission this Friday for the whole day... so ill let you know how that went!

I got a fun visit from Gramma and Grampa Warr this last week as well! They came through Syracuse because they finished their mission in Nauvoo, and i was so happy to see them. Thanks guys :) We went out to dinner, and laughed a lot. it was great to see them. I'm proud of their service in Nauvoo.

Im stressing a lot lately and losing hair. I cant help it. Shannon didnt end up getting baptized on friday because her mom decided that she couldnt be baptized 3 days before the baptism. I ripped some of my favorite slacks on my bike chain the other day. and I constantly have a headache. maybe it's just winter. BUT... we're having fun. and we have grown a lot the last couple weeks. I find comfort in knowing that it has never been easy to preach the gospel. All of the thousands of missionaries that have preceded me im sure had headaches and ripped clothes... lost hair.....and had unfair things happen... it's the refiner's fire right?

It's also beautiful because of the trees. It has been cloudy lately so i havent got many pictures... but i will try to get some pictures of the up-state NY fall this week.

I hope everyone is loving life in your dry and warm homes.. in your 200 hp cars...and with your loved ones that surround you.

i needed to get that out.

i love you all, and im still working hard.

love, elder warr

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