Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love the Lord

Sister Warr,
My name is Laura Hansen and I live in the Syracuse area where Elder Warr is serving. My daughter, Jenica, had the opportunity to sing Elder Warr's favorite song "I Love the Lord" as Elder Warr accompanied her. They practiced for 2 hours the night before and I recorded the last song of their practice for the night. The next day Jenica woke up with a cold and was worried about singing but they went forward anyways. They practiced 3 times before sacrament meeting and I could tell she was congested. When they performed everything cleared up for Jenica. Elder Warr and Jenica's dynamics and everything came together so beautifully. The spirit was very strong and it was beautiful! Last Monday, we scheduled to get together to record it in the chapel. Elder Warr's grandparents were able to be here to listen to them as they practiced for us to record it. Jenica was still recovering from her sore throat but we wanted to get it done before transfers came. It all worked out. Jenica had a few struggles but it is still pretty good and we were able to offer our home to Elder Warr's grandparents and help them out some.
You are blessed with a wonderful son and he is doing a great job out here! Grandparents were awesome too. Anyways, I finally got the video put together and have posted it to youtube so both our families back home can enjoy it also.
So enjoy,
Laura Hansen


Shelley said...

Gorgeous! Kyle we miss your piano skills around here! :) What happened to your Mom?! Maybe your sister can fill me in? She was in our ward, but then she disappeared one day!? She moved?

Shelley said...