Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Subject: Good Day

Hello peepo's... it's a beautiful day here in Syracuse this morning.

The zone leaders are coming over this afternoon and we are all going to
carve pumpkins... we arent going to be allowed to proselyte during
halloween hours because it doesn't seem logisitic.... last year we went
to a restaurant on halloween night and people complimented our

anyways, it has been ridiculously beautiful lately, i attached a sweet
picture of Elder Dandridge and i in the forest.

Rob (the police officer we've been teaching) dropped us... he said he
doesnt think the church is for him.... that was like a dagger to my
heart. But, it's ok... because i just saved a bunch of money on my car
insurance by switching to Geico. We're still teaching Sunny, and she's
doing well, she brought her husband to church, and we were glad to see
them. there was a primary program yesterday... probably the most
interesting one i have ever seen. Another bike was stolen this week....
it's no surprise considering we live in the bike stealing capitol of the

Well, i love everyone

-elder warr

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pictured: What to wear?

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Subject: Hey

Good morning guys, so much happened lately...

Marlin K. Jensen is the man! I had such a cool experience at our mission
conference. It was really good to see everyone in the mission as well.
Elder Jensen is the church historian, so he had a lot of cool facts and
percentages about the church that he told us about. I felt like we were
hearing things that arent announced to the entire church... some of the
privileges of being a missionary. He spoke about experiences with
President Hinckley and the quorum of the twelve, i think that was some
of my favorite parts of his training. He trained for a good 3 hours...
and i felt in tune with everything he was saying. It was almost like his
sermon was a spiritual journey that we went on. im grateful for him
because it really put my mission in perspective of how i can impact the
lives of the people of new york. He has had so much experience and
gained so much wisdom, that everything he said was worth writing down.
anyways, i could go on forever about it.

During conference weekend, Elder Dandridge and i were stopped on the
street by a woman in her car, she said she wanted us to come to her home
and teach her. We went about a week later.. and taught her the first
lesson, and committed her to pray about it all. We went back a couple
days ago, and she had prayed and knows that everything we're teaching is
true. As we taught about Adam and Eve and how we all have personal
agency, something in her mind clicked, and it all made sense to her. She
said that while we were teaching she would ask a question in her mind,
and then before she could put it to words, we answered it. She cried and
said, "Do you feel that warmth in the room?" it was so awesome. we bore
testimony one after another. it was a really cool experience. Her name
is Mira, and ill keep you updated with her.

This last saturday we got a call to do some service for a woman in
Liverpool. She's a nonmember, and she rents out homes to people.
Apparenly she evicted the tenants at this particular home because they
werent paying rent, and they decided to thrash the place. The basement
was FILLED with trash and the most disgusting things you can thing of...
we spent 5 hour cleaning out this basement. There were 6 of us. That's
not even mentioning the broken walls and vandalism in all of the other
parts of the house. As i have learned more about life on my mission, i
understand what happen to people when they arent taught correct things
whey they are young... a kid will grow up to be the person he was taught
to be... some of it being choice. anyways..

im grateful for my mission. Im grateful for the everyday opportunities i
get to help people, to make a difference in their lives, and to teach
them a thing or two... even learn a thing or two from them.

i love you all!

elder warr

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stressed out and losing hair

The transfer call came, and i will be staying in syracuse with Elder Dandridge for another transfer. I will also be District Leading here as well.

General Conference was last week. that was so awesome. I loved it all. but by far my favorite talk was Elder Holland's. If you know anyone that is doubting the Book of Mormon.... make them watch that talk! it's powerful. and i remember thinking to myself "now that's what an apostle's testimony sounds like". I also really liked Elder Christofferson's talk about Discipline.

Elder Marlin K Jensen (church historian) is coming to speak to our mission this Friday for the whole day... so ill let you know how that went!

I got a fun visit from Gramma and Grampa Warr this last week as well! They came through Syracuse because they finished their mission in Nauvoo, and i was so happy to see them. Thanks guys :) We went out to dinner, and laughed a lot. it was great to see them. I'm proud of their service in Nauvoo.

Im stressing a lot lately and losing hair. I cant help it. Shannon didnt end up getting baptized on friday because her mom decided that she couldnt be baptized 3 days before the baptism. I ripped some of my favorite slacks on my bike chain the other day. and I constantly have a headache. maybe it's just winter. BUT... we're having fun. and we have grown a lot the last couple weeks. I find comfort in knowing that it has never been easy to preach the gospel. All of the thousands of missionaries that have preceded me im sure had headaches and ripped clothes... lost hair.....and had unfair things happen... it's the refiner's fire right?

It's also beautiful because of the trees. It has been cloudy lately so i havent got many pictures... but i will try to get some pictures of the up-state NY fall this week.

I hope everyone is loving life in your dry and warm homes.. in your 200 hp cars...and with your loved ones that surround you.

i needed to get that out.

i love you all, and im still working hard.

love, elder warr

I love the Lord

Sister Warr,
My name is Laura Hansen and I live in the Syracuse area where Elder Warr is serving. My daughter, Jenica, had the opportunity to sing Elder Warr's favorite song "I Love the Lord" as Elder Warr accompanied her. They practiced for 2 hours the night before and I recorded the last song of their practice for the night. The next day Jenica woke up with a cold and was worried about singing but they went forward anyways. They practiced 3 times before sacrament meeting and I could tell she was congested. When they performed everything cleared up for Jenica. Elder Warr and Jenica's dynamics and everything came together so beautifully. The spirit was very strong and it was beautiful! Last Monday, we scheduled to get together to record it in the chapel. Elder Warr's grandparents were able to be here to listen to them as they practiced for us to record it. Jenica was still recovering from her sore throat but we wanted to get it done before transfers came. It all worked out. Jenica had a few struggles but it is still pretty good and we were able to offer our home to Elder Warr's grandparents and help them out some.
You are blessed with a wonderful son and he is doing a great job out here! Grandparents were awesome too. Anyways, I finally got the video put together and have posted it to youtube so both our families back home can enjoy it also.
So enjoy,
Laura Hansen