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Hey guys,

I got my boy, his name is Elder Dandridge from Mesa, AZ.. he's a really
humble guy who is out here for all of the right reasons, we get along
great. I am loving training, it has reminded me of the beginning of my
mission, and i can see how much i have grown. I especially lately have
noticed a big difference in my teaching, and ablility to listen to the
spirit. I find that am now seeking after obedience rather than just
obeying because it's the rule. The days seem to be going by too fast. i
dont know where the last 13 months of my mission went. We are loving our
work here in Syracuse and we really have seen miracles. The Lord has
literally dropped people in our paths and we know we have been guided.

There are devil squirrels here in Syracuse, they are the scariest things
i have ever seen. i attached a picture with this email..

thanks for all of your support! i love reading your emails and letters.
I gotta go!

love, elder warr

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