Sunday, September 6, 2009

last week's letter (sorry)

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On Saturday morning I got a call from President Bulloch. He told me that
he has been impressed with my missionary work and he asked if i would be
willing to train a new missionary... i told him i would do anything he
wanted me to do. So i'll be training a new missionary here in Syracuse.
I am excited because i remember the fire that i had when i first got in
the field. There are some things that i wish my trainer would have done,
and now i can do those for my "boy". I am excited for the next transfer.
I will meet him Wednesday morning in Utica, and we will have a new
missionary meeting with the other new missionaries and trainers. I hope
he has been exercising because we bike a lot!

We have been so blessed lately. I feel like my teaching has improved,
and sometimes i just get so full of joy because of the changes and
commitments our investigators are making. This week was awesome. We set
a girl named Shannon with a baptismal date, and we have 4 other
prospects who want to enter into the strait and narrow. I have had fun
with Elder Slater, he'll be transferred to Corning, NY.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. you are all saints.

with all the love that i possess,

elder warr

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Mason Bourne said...

It's about time we found out what was happening.