Monday, September 28, 2009

"Humourously, but seriously" -- nice spelling

Fall is arriving! It's really cool because the sky here has totally changed color, it's like a pearlescent blue, it is beautiful. I cant believe how some trees can just change colors like that.

Elder Dandridge and i were able to go up to Onandaga Community College to go to a "Faith Fair". We set up a table and decorated it with pamphlets, cards, etc... and we had some cool banners up. The picture will describe. We weren't able to proselyte, but because we are two attractive young men, the people came to our table. :) It was great because we got to talk to a bunch of people from different faiths, and we noticed that the best way was just to find common ground and then expound about the things we believe. We are teaching 3 people that we met at the fair, they are students. I think it's so interesting to see the difference in peoples' views on why we are here. Many people make up their own opinion throughout their lives... whether it's a great spirit, or an unknown god. There are a lot of Christians.. namely Roman Catholics, Baptists, Methodists etc.. but they just dont understand the doctrines in the bible or the reasons for them... it makes me think of 1 Nephi 15:14..."wherefore, they shall come to the knowledge of their Redeemer and the very POINTS of his doctrine, that they may know how to come unto him and be saved."

I'm grateful for truth, in that it's unavoidable.

I have been in Syracuse for 4 months now... it's all a blur. It feels like i just left Albany.... i realize why they call the 2nd half of a mission "downhill" because the days just fly by. I think that my mind is just so overloaded with information, that i dont have time to think about time. But there are some slow times as well.

Shannon is going to be baptized oct 9 at 7pm. we are excited for her, she's loving church and young womens. Elder Dandridge is going to baptize her... it will be his first! sweet! and ill be conferring the Holy Ghost on her. sweetness.

Humourously, but seriously,

Elder Warr

Monday, September 21, 2009

"I Love the Lord"

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Hey guys! sorry i didnt get an email out to everyone last week, i was
thus engaged in the work of the Lord.

Last week the Hansen family in the ward asked me if i would like to do a
musical number in church with their 16 year old daughter Jeneka. I said
yes, and they wanted me to pick a song for her to sing to. I chose a
song called "I Love The Lord" (you should google it) and it's sung to
the tune of "Be Still My Soul". Jeneka has such a beautiful voice. we
practiced before church, and then played it in sacrament meeting
yesterday. it was so cool, my companion recorded it when we were
practicing before church. Everyone enjoyed the song because the lyrics
are so powerful. it brought a strong spirit to sacrament meeting. Some
members came up to us afterwards and emotionally thanked us for the
song. I just love music!(if you couldn't tell)

Shannon (the 13 yr old investigator) came to church again yesterday. She
loved it so much, the young women fellowshipped her so well, and she
told us she is just so happy when she comes to church. She has also been
going to mutual on wed nights. She's so cool. I get so excited because
these few moments in Shannon's life where she has felt the spirit at
church are shaping her into the person that she is going to be forever.
Our teaching her the gospel has lasting consequences. She'll be baptized
oct. 7th!

General Conference is coming up! i seriously cant wait, it will be a
plentifully spiritual time. haha

i love you all, and know that i am toiling and sweating out here for the
cause of zion. and it's only because it's true.


Elder Warr


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Hey guys,

I got my boy, his name is Elder Dandridge from Mesa, AZ.. he's a really
humble guy who is out here for all of the right reasons, we get along
great. I am loving training, it has reminded me of the beginning of my
mission, and i can see how much i have grown. I especially lately have
noticed a big difference in my teaching, and ablility to listen to the
spirit. I find that am now seeking after obedience rather than just
obeying because it's the rule. The days seem to be going by too fast. i
dont know where the last 13 months of my mission went. We are loving our
work here in Syracuse and we really have seen miracles. The Lord has
literally dropped people in our paths and we know we have been guided.

There are devil squirrels here in Syracuse, they are the scariest things
i have ever seen. i attached a picture with this email..

thanks for all of your support! i love reading your emails and letters.
I gotta go!

love, elder warr

Sunday, September 6, 2009

last week's letter (sorry)

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On Saturday morning I got a call from President Bulloch. He told me that
he has been impressed with my missionary work and he asked if i would be
willing to train a new missionary... i told him i would do anything he
wanted me to do. So i'll be training a new missionary here in Syracuse.
I am excited because i remember the fire that i had when i first got in
the field. There are some things that i wish my trainer would have done,
and now i can do those for my "boy". I am excited for the next transfer.
I will meet him Wednesday morning in Utica, and we will have a new
missionary meeting with the other new missionaries and trainers. I hope
he has been exercising because we bike a lot!

We have been so blessed lately. I feel like my teaching has improved,
and sometimes i just get so full of joy because of the changes and
commitments our investigators are making. This week was awesome. We set
a girl named Shannon with a baptismal date, and we have 4 other
prospects who want to enter into the strait and narrow. I have had fun
with Elder Slater, he'll be transferred to Corning, NY.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement. you are all saints.

with all the love that i possess,

elder warr