Monday, August 10, 2009

Riding Wheelies

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I am trying to think of meaningful things to tell everyone... so this is
what i got.

My Trainer Elder Bench became an assistant to the president recently...
so it's really nice because i get to call him whenever i want and talk
to him about everything... He is such an awesome guy, he gives me really
good advice on some questions that i have had about some investigators.

Sunny Jiminez (one of the latina women that we're teaching)... she
invited us over for dinner the other night, and it was awesome. They had
an awesome house... i still think it's so beautiful here in NY. I love
the homes out here... some of them have backyards of just nature and
forest. There are literally deer just walking around these peoples
houses. We ended up teaching her husband as well! his name is Eddie. He
has some questions about life... and says he needs proof. We read
scriptures and told some experiences, and now he's praying about some
doubts that he has.

My legs are getting bigger every day... biking is no longer a hindrance
to us because i dont even get tired anymore.... I'm probably the best
biker here in Syracuse. i can do sweet jumps all the time, and i can
ride a wheelie for quite some time.

Last night there was a lightening storm that went on for about 4 hours.
The lightening was seriously non-stop and it looked like strobe lights
coming in through the clouds. I had never seen anything like it before
in my existence.

Well, i love you guys.... stay cool fools.


elder warr

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Anonymous said...

Only 352 days left. I hope your tooth turns out okay. Your the Eldenator of missionaries.