Monday, July 6, 2009

New MP and Jokes

Good Morning Guys.

i hope everyone had an awesome Fourth of July, and that no one blew themselves up. We really didnt have anythin exciting happen... some little kids played with sparklers outside of our apartment... so we watched them. yay.. and we also bought some steak and barbequed for ourselves.. there was also watermelon, chips.. and root beer. we were proud of our little meal.

Well, our new mission president arrived this week. President Bulloch and his wife... they have been going around the mission to district meetings meeting all of the missionaries. I'm grateful to be able to have two mission presidents...We get to meet them on saturday at our district meeting. I had a dream about them last night. In my dream they drove up in a van, and they werent even in missionary clothing, they were in civilian clothing... and they were both over 7 feet tall. i introduced myself, and they were both really nervous, asking me how to do missionary work, and then i woke up. I think it's so funny that my brain put all of that together.. dont ask me where it came from in my mind.

I attached a couple pictures to this email. We took a guy we're teaching up to a golf course, and we related golf to the restoration of the gospel, while i dominated in a putting contest. I love it up there because you really get to see the geography of up-state New York. In one i am jumping in the air, and that means that i am jumping for joy because the gospel has been restored.

Well... i will end my email with a couple jokes that i remembered...also because i know that mom is going to laugh at them.

What flies... and helps people at the same time??


What is a cat's favorite color?

PURRR-PLE... hahaha

welp, i love you all, and i hope those jokes brought you the same joy that they brought me at the time that i heard them.

The church is true.

Elder Warr

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