Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Welp, i will be staying another 6 weeks in Syracuse with Elder Slater. We got the transfer call on saturday night. I cant believe i have been in Syracuse for 6 weeks already.... it has been weird because i am seeing a lot of missionaries go home, and it's a weird feeling.

So i had the opportunity of going to the famous Dinosaur Barbecue yesterday, it was so awesome... apparently they won the "best ribs in America" award. A young guy in the branch took us because he was amazed that we had never had it. Those were probably the best ribs i have ever had in my life... but just so you all know... Because my life includes intense bike riding everyday... my metabolism is still balanced out, and i am a healthy man. My legs are rock hard too.

So about a month ago we got a call that a man named Terry from watertown NY needed a blessing. He had a stroke and he was in critical condition in Up-state Medical hospital. They said that he might not live... We went over and gave him a blessing the next day, and we have been checking on him about every 3 days for the past month. For our first 7 or 8 visits he was still in a coma, and they said that IF he did wake up, he wouldnt be able to talk or move or anything. sometimes he would open his eyes a little bit and look and then slowly fall back into unconsciousness. Well last week he came out of his coma, and started mumbling a little bit. Yesterday we saw him again, and he is doing So well. He is such a hilarious guy. He loves having us come to see him because he only joined the church a couple years ago, so he has always loved the missionaries. He is so funny. We asked him if there was anything that he wanted or any questions about anything... and the first response he had was.. "Are there any Mormon Nudist colonies anywhere?" he was obviously joking... but i think he likes to lighten the mood with his humor. he has no use of either of his arms... but he's talking and moving his legs a little bit. I love this guy... i get so happy when we get there because i love listening to him... he inspires me so much. anyways...they said he might be able to make it into assisted living within the coming weeks. Priesthood blessings are real everyone.

We are building up our teaching pool here in Syracuse. we have a woman named Taundaleah that we are teaching. She saw a tv spot for a free book of mormon, and requested a missionary visit... so we have now been teaching her for about 4 weeks now. She is so cool.. we are going to teach her tonight. She has told us that she knows the book of mormon is true and that there is a living prophet...but she doesnt understand that she needs to come to church. she says she's comfortable with her Catholic church. I understand that people may go 40 years attending the same church... and i bet it's a big change to all of a sudden leave that type of responsibility and community to join another church. We are patient with her. but she said she's really moving towards joining the church. We just bear testimony that the Lord is ready for her to receive more blessings... blessings that she can't receive in the catholic church. She's probably the most solid person we are teaching right now.

that's pretty much what has been going on with my life here in NY. I hope you all have been edified by my message for this week. i love you all...

Elder Warr

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