Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm a fighter, not a lover.

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My dear beloved friends and family. I had good week. Let me tell you about some of it. On Tuesday We took a bus out to Renssalaer. that's about 5 miles away, but it's across the Hudson River so we take a bus. We were looking for a little street called "grove street". We found grove street and it turns out that the reason it's called grove street is because it's under a beautiful grove of trees. I had to take a picture, so i took out my camera... and because of my excitement, my camera went flying away from me, and landed directly in a deep puddle of water. As my camera bubbled in the water i quickly took it out, only to discover that the screen is destroyed, and it doesnt take pictures. Man! I dont know what im going to do. but ill figure it out. I chose not to get mad. On Wednesday We gave a man a blessing. His name is Luis Richardson. he's an old man from the Dominican Republic.. he has diabetes, and his body is skinny, and his balance is bad. His mannerisms reminded me of Dad. he is such a happy man, and he's really funny. So he told us about his aches and pains, and some of his problems. I felt prompted to give him a blessing. So we did. After the blessing he said that an awesome warmth came over him and he said this- "I feel like Jesus Christ is here with us". The spirit was really strong, and he told us that he felt great. Those kinds of things happen all the time. I'm always sure to write them in my journal because those little moments increase my faith. On the way to church, we were in our suits, and a guy came up and started getting in our faces, and asked us if we were better than everyone because we can wear nice clothes, we calmly walked away. Normally, i would probably get back in his face because i'm a fighter, not a lover. haha. but because we're missionaries, we turned the other cheek. i think he felt stupid. but then church was awesome. We are having a baptism of 3 this weekend, and we're really excited. We are also getting transfer calls this weekend too.. so ill let you all know what the outcome of that is. keep the faith people... lift up some weak hands this week. Take out the trash. listen to the spirit. spend time with people you love. laugh uncontrollably. eat whatever you want... dieting is over-rated. i love you guys! :) p.s. emily- i have gained a testimony of flossing every night.


Mason Bourne said...

Emily, he's lying...kyle never flosses. Also, I thought it was funny that typical Kyle would throw his camera in the water.

Queen Mother said...

Kyle, you are awesome! Even if you do file your camera in a puddle! I love to read about the experiences you're having!! I love that you act on your promptings! And I love that you are a ham even as you do the Lord's work! Have a great week! Aunt Cindy