Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Goodbye Albany, NY!!!

Hey guys,

Transfer calls came, and they told me that i'm being transfered to Downtown Syracuse... that's about 5 miles away from my first area in North Syracuse. The past few days have been a little hard for me but it's a bittersweet feeling... but as of right now it's a little more on the bitter side. I have lived in this place for the past 8 months, and i just started believing that this is where i live, and my life is here. It's hard to part, because i have experienced so many things and grown so much here. I have walked these streets day after day in rain, ridiculously cold snow, and heat... reaching out to these people in love. I have seen miracles. I have watched numerous people literally turn thier lives around for righteous purposes. I am changed, and i wont be the same because of these saints. The members of the branch here have brought me to a new definition of service. I have been amazed at how willing they are to give. Missionary work never felt stagnant because we had so many people who assisted my companions and i in our efforts. I have made so many friends here. It has been awkward walking the streets these last couple days because the reality of me leaving set in. I have heard so many kind words and goodbyes. But i am grateful for the opportunity that i have had. I can point out specific reasons why i was put here in Albany... and that's why i know that it's wisdom in God that i am going to Syracuse. I never thought that i would feel like this....and i dont want to sound like a weenie. I was able to finish off really nicely with a baptism of 3. Erika and her sons Chad and Trent. They are an incredible family and i have watched the light grow in them, i watched them feel the spirit for the first time, and i have grown with them. We Confirmed them on Sunday for my last Sacrament meeting. Their countenances have changed. Trent made me a clay cup, and drew me a picture that said "BY Elder Warr, I will Miss yo."

I am looking forward to going to Syracuse, and i know that i will be fine when i get there. My new companion will be Elder Slater. I have heard really good things about him. He lost his father in the first few weeks of his mission, and he's a stud. I think he will be an inspiration to me.

We will also be getting a new mission president in 2 weeks... that's also bittersweet. President Eckersley is a great man, and he's helped me through a lot.

So now... i will say farewell to this place... it has been great.

Goodbye My Beloved Albany!

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