Thursday, June 25, 2009

Craziness in Syracuse

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First off, HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! i hope you had a joyful day full of
gayness and splendor!

It's been crazy in Syracuse. There was rain, drama, and baptisms.
I arrived in Syracuse last week. My companion Elder Slater and i get
along great. We have been riding bikes like crazy (which is killing me)
i have been sweating so much... but it feels good to work hard. It's
been kind of difficult because Elder Slater isn't very comfortable with
the area yet, and i have only been here for about 2 weeks, so we are a
little hindered because when we want to work hard, we have to be really
creative and work smart... but for some reason the Lord always gives us
productive things to do.

We did have a baptism on saturday, two little girls.. Stella and
Scarlett, they are so cute. There was a ton of drama if they were going
to get baptized or not because thier mom is not as supportive, but their
dad wanted them baptized, so we didnt know if the baptism was happening
until the morning of. It was good though.

No one in the branch here can play the piano, so i accompany during
sacrament meeting, and they have already had me play 2 musical
numbers.... I didnt even tell them that i played, but because of my
firesides, they knew who i was. It has been different adjusting to my
new home, but I have recieved a lot of strength through prayer. We have
just been really busy.... But because we're such amazing missionaries
everything just seems to work out fine. After church yesterday something
funny happened. In the last hour of church a member of the branch came
to visit, and he has a degree in music in England and he used to play
the piano for the branch. well after church him and i were talking, and
Toby, one of the members of the branch Insisted that we "Battle" on the
piano. We just laughed... but before we know it, they rolled out 2
pianos into the entry of the church, and they were facing eachother. I
didnt really want to battle a guy who has a degree in composing music
because i just play whatever i hear. But it ended up being kind of fun.
Everyone told us different songs to play, and we ended up playing
together. it was pretty fun. I liked playing with someone who could

Welp, im going to go clean the apartment, the zone leaders want to
inspect it tomorrow, and we have to make sure they are pleased with our
living conditions.

i love you all!

Elder Warr

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Mason Bourne said...

yeah Dad! hope your Father's day is full of gayness and splendor....hehe.