Thursday, May 28, 2009

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So the other day, Elder Pereyra and i were walking down the sidewalk,
and we were behind a group of 4 teenagers and a maybe 3 year old girl...
they were dark skinned. We handed them cards and told them to
check out the site. The little girl had ran up about 15 feet and then
she spit 3 or 4 times on the sidewalk in front of us and she yelled
"WATCH OUT FO MY SPIT PEEPO'S!!" We laughed really hard.. and then i
thought of a little analogy.

Sometimes when we are doing something good, or attempting to do good, or
even improving ourselves... Satan will spit a nice loogey right in our
path to try and dirty the path a little bit... that's pretty gross
right? Well luckily Elder Pereyra and i recognized the spit on the
sidewalk so we could avoid it. Sometimes it's difficult to see Satan's
loogeys in our path... so we end up stepping in filth. If we can all try
to recognize those loogeys, then we will continue to walk on more
righteous paths, void of filth and loogeys. (For the complete analogy
see "Discourses of Elder Warr" pg. 7)

Sometimes i will think of little analogies like that and use them in my

Well, we had a great week. we had 6 investigators come to church. yes!
We're having a baptism on June 6 of Erica and her 2 sons Chad and Trent.
It's awesome.

We had such an awesome Memorial Day... The Albany Stake put on a picnic
at Niskayuna Park in Schenectady. We were able to wear regular clothes
because there were games and races. We ate burgers, socialized, and then
played ultimate frisbee! it was so much fun, i havent played frisbee
with a big group of people since before my mission. I am exhausted today
because i was dominating the game so much. We probably played for 3
hours, and then there was a softball game going on... and i decided to
play. I went 2 for 2... hitting 2 home runs and 7 RBI's. I am
considering playing Division 1 sports when i get home because i decided
that might be the best path for me. The picnic was a blast, and it was
really fun because there were 12 missionaries there, so it was fun to
have some time with the guys.

welp, that's all... continue to be faithful, and avoid the loogeys on
the sidewalk of life.

i love you guys!

Elder Warr

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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Twas a glorious week in Albany. yes!

Elder Pereyra and I were blessed this week to find 9 new investigators. yes! we just "gel" when we work together, we're always in agreement with our decisions and the work just goes really smoothly.yes!

We went to the stake center yesterday to watch a broadcast from Salt Lake to the Eastern States... it was awesome, and we had an investigator named Erica there, and she was in tears.... yes! (they were happy tears) We set her and her 3 kids with a baptismal date of june 9! yes!

After stake conference we attended a baptism a few miles away because they asked me to play the piano. it was a hispanic man named Eduardo, and that was one of the most spiritual baptisms i have ever been to. yes! Even though most of what was said was in spanish, the spirit has no language barriers, and he was so happy. it's awesome to see the light in the recent converts' eyes after they are freshly dunked in the water. haha. yes!

President Eckersley and his wife finish thier mission next month, so it's kind of sad, i love my mission president, he's done a lot for me. but it's ok, because we keep hearing great things about our new mission president and his wife the Bulloch's....

i love you guys thanks for everything!

love, elder warr


Friday, May 15, 2009

Most recent letter:

It was awesome being able to talk to the family yesterday! thank you for the kind words and laughs. It gave me a little bit more fuel to do missionary work. It was an overall great day.

We had 5 people come to church yesterday, and we found 9 new investigators this week! Elder Pereyra is a funny guy, we have a lot of fun together. The Lord is blessing us, it's great.

we're going to do some fun P-day activities. I need to buy a new journal, and i am excited to get a new box of cereal. i think i am going to get cinnamon toast crunch... but i also really like fruity pebbles.

That's all.


elder warr