Monday, April 6, 2009

Superbowl Conference.

This was an eventful weekend!

i'll start at the beginning of the week. so after i got done emailing last week, my comp wanted a new suit, so we went to men's wearhouse, and turns out there was an awesome buy one get one free deal, so i got one too, i just split the original price with him. I am attaching pictures. right after that, we met a man who started speaking in tongues to us... and grabbed our hands. he said that he spoke in the perfect angelic language... whatever.

We had zone conference in Schenectady on tuesday, and then this weekend there was General Conference!

I loved conference, for missionary life.. it's like superbowl sunday.. every word that comes out of the apostles mouths is like gold. I always connect with President Eyring, and Elder Uchtdorf was on fire, i loved it. I noticed a theme throughout it, and i heard the phrase "fear is the opposite of faith" a few times. i think they want us to not fear this economic fall, but have faith through it. The Lord will take care of his people... if they are taking care to his gospel. I loved it.

I am grateful for the support of family and friends, you guys keep me up.

i love you guys!

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