Saturday, April 4, 2009

Most recent letter (thought I posted it... oops)

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Albany is great-

There was a lightning storm last night, we were about 2 blocks away from our apartment on our way home, and when it
rains.. it seriously dumps buckets. we got soaked...

Twas a normal week in albany. We have just been teaching a lot and talking to a lot of people.

for all of you who dont know--the church is putting out some awesome videos on the computer. they are called Mormon
messages.if you go to youtube and type in "mormon messages" there are some really good videos. the one with Gordon B.
Hinckley is my favorite one. or the one by Uchtdorf. go watch them! a member showed them to us the other day, and i was
glued to the computer.

We dont have very much time this week because we have to get going to an appointment.

but i would like everyone to read 2 nephi 4. that's how i feel about my mission so far.

i love you guys!

elder warr

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