Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm a lumberjack

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We had a busy week! but we got a lot done. We taught 31 lessons, and talked to a ton of people. Our branch building's basement level flooded because there was something wrong with the yesterday at church we got to meet at the beautiful stake center, it was great. On Saturday Elder Tanner and i got to go crazy on a tree stump for about 4 hours... it was a good variety to our work because we hadnt gotten out of our proselyting clothes for a few weeks, and then they took us out to Outback for dinner! I decided that after my mission i might take up professional wood cutting. Not only will it include cutting down trees and stuff, but also carving, staining, and hardwood flooring. I will make little coffee tables for everyone that i know, but i wont call them coffee tables, they will be called Celestial Tables. anyways.. We met up with Asad from Iraq last night. I am becoming good friends with this man. he calls me his brother. We taught him the phrase "hang out" and he uses it all the time and says "Warr, do you want to hanging out with me tonight?" Even though Asad may not except the gospel, at least we get to teach him english. He has told us all about the culture in Iraq, and how it's different than here. Today for P-day, we are probably going to jump on a trampoline at the Clark's house. It's funny that we get so excited to do such insignificant things... but a trampoline sounds great right now. I hope that you're all having a splendid spring. I am. The colors are amazing. Spring is awesome because you really get to see God's creations at thier fullest. The first things to blossom were these huge yellow bushes, i think they are called ..for- veronica... or for-cynthia or some name like that. i hope you all take a moment to appreciate these things. with endless love, elder warr

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