Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easters

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Dear Everyone,

This Easter was a good one. Probably the most different one of my life. This is what it consisted of.

6:30 am... wake up... stumble to turn off the alarm, pray.

6:32 am... jump on my companion and yell happy easter!

6:35 am... do a million pushups, and then stretch a lil bit.

7-8 am... get ready

8-9 am.. study and write the progress record for church

915 am... walk to church, have meetings

11am-2pm.... awesome sunday at church

3pm... No one signed up to feed us, so we got a phone call from our branch mission leader, and he decided to feed us. He
picked us up, and then we made a bunch of random food at his house... rice, macaroni, peaches, toast.. etc... (he's a college

4pm... go to the Pettigrew's house, and bless their sick baby Emily, and then do a lesson (they are less active)

5pm.... Walked to Bro Ramos' (he has the transvestite boy/girlfriend.) do a lesson with them.

6-8pm.... walk around and talk to 50 people, and find 1 new investigator.

8pm... go to Asad's house, and teach him english.

9pm... come home and plan for 30 minutes

930-10pm... relax and go to bed!

that was my easter sunday of 2009

It has to be my most memorable. I would say that my second most memorable easter was one year growing up, we came
downstairs easter morning, and there was a huge tent in the living room! and inside there were easter baskets, and a new
mini tv! we watched the movie "Ever After" about 5 times that day.

i am grateful for memories.... im grateful that our minds can remember things.

When we were talking to people outside during easter, we would ask them what the resurrection was, and it's amazing how
many people dont understand what it is, but yet we had many people say "happy resurrection brothers!" The resurrection
was the most important thing that happened on this earth since it was created.

i love you guys, and thanks for all the support!

love forever and ever

Elder Warr


Emily said...

Um, I don't remember that Easter. I remember when we got Dinky, the floppy-eared bunny, though.

Mason Bourne said...

Emily, you don't remember anything! you are a horrible rememberer