Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Albany, Albany, Albany!

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Good News- and a lot of stuff that happened this week.

I am staying in ALBANY! this will be 7 1/2 months of this beloved
residence. I am stoked... and i really had a feeling that my work here
was not yet done. I am getting a new companion! his name is Elder
Pereyra, he's from Texas, and he speaks spanish! I am going to be
awesome at spanish by the end of these 6 weeks with him. I have met him
multiple times around the mission, and we're friends and he sings, so i
was excited to get the news.

I had a piano fireside in Fulton, NY last sunday, and it was fun. It was
a little different travelling there because my mission president is the
one that picked me up, and i got a few hours of just 1 on 1 time with
him! Not many missionaries get HOURS of 1 on 1 time with the mission
president.. so i was lucky. we talked about temples.. music... a bunch
of stuff. I almost just wanted to take notes while he was talking to me.
We have become friends through these firesides, and it has been fun. The
fireside went well. The piano was brand new, so i could really add
dynamics to my songs, it was wonderful.

New York just never stops getting greener. This week was a great one. it
got hot.. and humid, but the trees and flowers made up for the heat.
and.. i am getting a tan... a horrible farmers tan. but i guess it
doesnt matter. i feel akward wearing t-shirts though.

Today we're going to the Clarks to jump on the trampoline again! we'll
probably play some frisbee and football.

i love you all, and i am always accepting packages.

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