Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Albany, Albany, Albany!

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Good News- and a lot of stuff that happened this week.

I am staying in ALBANY! this will be 7 1/2 months of this beloved
residence. I am stoked... and i really had a feeling that my work here
was not yet done. I am getting a new companion! his name is Elder
Pereyra, he's from Texas, and he speaks spanish! I am going to be
awesome at spanish by the end of these 6 weeks with him. I have met him
multiple times around the mission, and we're friends and he sings, so i
was excited to get the news.

I had a piano fireside in Fulton, NY last sunday, and it was fun. It was
a little different travelling there because my mission president is the
one that picked me up, and i got a few hours of just 1 on 1 time with
him! Not many missionaries get HOURS of 1 on 1 time with the mission
president.. so i was lucky. we talked about temples.. music... a bunch
of stuff. I almost just wanted to take notes while he was talking to me.
We have become friends through these firesides, and it has been fun. The
fireside went well. The piano was brand new, so i could really add
dynamics to my songs, it was wonderful.

New York just never stops getting greener. This week was a great one. it
got hot.. and humid, but the trees and flowers made up for the heat.
and.. i am getting a tan... a horrible farmers tan. but i guess it
doesnt matter. i feel akward wearing t-shirts though.

Today we're going to the Clarks to jump on the trampoline again! we'll
probably play some frisbee and football.

i love you all, and i am always accepting packages.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm a lumberjack

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We had a busy week! but we got a lot done. We taught 31 lessons, and talked to a ton of people. Our branch building's basement level flooded because there was something wrong with the sewage...so yesterday at church we got to meet at the beautiful stake center, it was great. On Saturday Elder Tanner and i got to go crazy on a tree stump for about 4 hours... it was a good variety to our work because we hadnt gotten out of our proselyting clothes for a few weeks, and then they took us out to Outback for dinner! I decided that after my mission i might take up professional wood cutting. Not only will it include cutting down trees and stuff, but also carving, staining, and hardwood flooring. I will make little coffee tables for everyone that i know, but i wont call them coffee tables, they will be called Celestial Tables. anyways.. We met up with Asad from Iraq last night. I am becoming good friends with this man. he calls me his brother. We taught him the phrase "hang out" and he uses it all the time and says "Warr, do you want to hanging out with me tonight?" Even though Asad may not except the gospel, at least we get to teach him english. He has told us all about the culture in Iraq, and how it's different than here. Today for P-day, we are probably going to jump on a trampoline at the Clark's house. It's funny that we get so excited to do such insignificant things... but a trampoline sounds great right now. I hope that you're all having a splendid spring. I am. The colors are amazing. Spring is awesome because you really get to see God's creations at thier fullest. The first things to blossom were these huge yellow bushes, i think they are called ..for- veronica... or for-cynthia or some name like that. i hope you all take a moment to appreciate these things. with endless love, elder warr

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easters

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Dear Everyone,

This Easter was a good one. Probably the most different one of my life. This is what it consisted of.

6:30 am... wake up... stumble to turn off the alarm, pray.

6:32 am... jump on my companion and yell happy easter!

6:35 am... do a million pushups, and then stretch a lil bit.

7-8 am... get ready

8-9 am.. study and write the progress record for church

915 am... walk to church, have meetings

11am-2pm.... awesome sunday at church

3pm... No one signed up to feed us, so we got a phone call from our branch mission leader, and he decided to feed us. He
picked us up, and then we made a bunch of random food at his house... rice, macaroni, peaches, toast.. etc... (he's a college

4pm... go to the Pettigrew's house, and bless their sick baby Emily, and then do a lesson (they are less active)

5pm.... Walked to Bro Ramos' (he has the transvestite boy/girlfriend.) do a lesson with them.

6-8pm.... walk around and talk to 50 people, and find 1 new investigator.

8pm... go to Asad's house, and teach him english.

9pm... come home and plan for 30 minutes

930-10pm... relax and go to bed!

that was my easter sunday of 2009

It has to be my most memorable. I would say that my second most memorable easter was one year growing up, we came
downstairs easter morning, and there was a huge tent in the living room! and inside there were easter baskets, and a new
mini tv! we watched the movie "Ever After" about 5 times that day.

i am grateful for memories.... im grateful that our minds can remember things.

When we were talking to people outside during easter, we would ask them what the resurrection was, and it's amazing how
many people dont understand what it is, but yet we had many people say "happy resurrection brothers!" The resurrection
was the most important thing that happened on this earth since it was created.

i love you guys, and thanks for all the support!

love forever and ever

Elder Warr

Monday, April 6, 2009

Superbowl Conference.

This was an eventful weekend!

i'll start at the beginning of the week. so after i got done emailing last week, my comp wanted a new suit, so we went to men's wearhouse, and turns out there was an awesome buy one get one free deal, so i got one too, i just split the original price with him. I am attaching pictures. right after that, we met a man who started speaking in tongues to us... and grabbed our hands. he said that he spoke in the perfect angelic language... whatever.

We had zone conference in Schenectady on tuesday, and then this weekend there was General Conference!

I loved conference, for missionary life.. it's like superbowl sunday.. every word that comes out of the apostles mouths is like gold. I always connect with President Eyring, and Elder Uchtdorf was on fire, i loved it. I noticed a theme throughout it, and i heard the phrase "fear is the opposite of faith" a few times. i think they want us to not fear this economic fall, but have faith through it. The Lord will take care of his people... if they are taking care to his gospel. I loved it.

I am grateful for the support of family and friends, you guys keep me up.

i love you guys!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Most recent letter (thought I posted it... oops)

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Albany is great-

There was a lightning storm last night, we were about 2 blocks away from our apartment on our way home, and when it
rains.. it seriously dumps buckets. we got soaked...

Twas a normal week in albany. We have just been teaching a lot and talking to a lot of people.

for all of you who dont know--the church is putting out some awesome videos on the computer. they are called Mormon
messages.if you go to youtube and type in "mormon messages" there are some really good videos. the one with Gordon B.
Hinckley is my favorite one. or the one by Uchtdorf. go watch them! a member showed them to us the other day, and i was
glued to the computer.

We dont have very much time this week because we have to get going to an appointment.

but i would like everyone to read 2 nephi 4. that's how i feel about my mission so far.

i love you guys!

elder warr