Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The towel dilemma.

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Good Morning from a icy/rainy Albany NY.

The last few days have been pleasant because it has been in the 40's, so it's almost to a short sleeve time.
it's still really barren, and all of the trees still look like skeletons.. but i can't wait for green!

Last night i had another firside, it was in Schenectady NY. There were about 90 people who attended, and it went really well.
It has been so awesome because i have gotten to know President Eckersley so well, and i'm lucky beacuse not many
missionaries get this much interaction with the mission president. I would love to serve another mission later in my life... I
would have no reason not to.

I need to axe a favor from everyone who reads this email. Please pray for David Bernacki, he is one of our investigators, and
he has a baptismal date.. but it has been pushed back a couple of times because of some struggles. I have an awesome
connection with him, we're buddies, and he could use some prayers. He's the man who has taken us out to some really nice
places to eat. we have been working really hard to get him to commit. We just need him to wax strong in the Lord. I really
love this man. prayers would be great!

Besides that.. everything is going well. I am really excited because we are going to target soon, and im going to buy a new
towel. i dont know what color to get, im thinking maybe tan... or black. ill let you know what i decided.

I really cant believe how much i have been blessed on my mission. everytime that i study hard and work hard, i see miracles,
and i know that's a pattern in life too.

The gospel is the only thing that will unite us as the human family.. and everyone has a part in this process.

Indivisible.... with liberty and justice for all.

love, elder warr


Emily said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Kyle, you need some sleep! I vote for a tan towel, it won't fade in the washer. But maybe you should consider yellow, or green. You know, for Spring.

Mason Bourne said...

No way Jose! Black...It's the most dominating color. It will show all of your future comps that you mean business, and the more faded it gets, the longer you've been in the mission and been dominant! By the way, why are you getting a new towel...did you lose your other one?

Mason Bourne said...

p.s. Emily, we're really good at commenting on kyle's blog...I wish others had 2 cents to throw in.