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The mission is Wonderful.

We drove up to northern New York for the weekend, and we had 2
firesides... one on saturday night, and one on sunday night. it was
awesome going up north because we got to drive through the adirondack
mountains. There were frozen waterfalls, and people climbing them, and
then we got to drive through Lake Placid, where the 1980 winter olympics
were held, that was cool, and then we had the firesides.

These were my favorite firesides yet, the people up in the north country
are very interesting.. most of them are really "homely". but they are
very humble people.
The saturday fireside was in Potsdam NY, and the sunday fireside was in
Plattsburg NY. Plattsburg was awesome because after the fireside there
was a kid who couldnt decide if he wanted to serve a mission, and he
came up to me crying and just thanked me. he said he's getting his
papers in as soon as he can. I can't say how grateful i am for this
experience and for these people in NY.

I had a funny experience the other day. So we have become pretty good
friends with a man named Asad. He is a refugee from Irag. Al-Quaida
members chased him and his family out of Iraq because he worked on
military tanks. Now he got put here in Albany NY, and he has had some
struggles. We get to teach him english once a week. it was so funny...
he had a bunch of questions about certain words, and we laugh so hard
sometimes because of what he says.

This time he said this to us.. "When i go Mcdonalds... I tell the
worker, i want 2 BEEF-burgers... and they say HAMBurgers?? I no like

he is muslim so he can't eat ham or pork. it was so funny beacuse how do
you explain to a muslim that HAMburgers are made of beef? it really
confused him, and it took 30 minutes of explaining until he understood.

I love you guys!

Elder Warr... some peeps call me (warrior) in the mission


Emily said...

I think it is funny that he called them the "people of the north country".

Mason Bourne said...

he's living in the Book of Mormon. The people of the Northern country are very "homely"