Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bum Island

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Saturday was my companion Elder Tanner's birthday!

I made him a cake, and i sang to him. Then i blew up 25 balloons while he was getting ready and threw them all over the
apartment... it was a great day.

So yesterday after church we came back to our apartment for lunch. while we were eating we heard loud yelling outside,
right outside of our apartment there is an island of grass that separates two roads, it's called "bum island" because all the
bums hang out there. We ran to the window to see the commotion, and one bum Frank was yelling at another bum that
looked dead on a bench. We ran out, and Frank was yelling was crying and drinking a bottle of Vodka. The other one just lay
motionless on the bench. We shook him a few times, and he didnt move or do anything. after some attempts we decided to
call 911.. in the middle of dialing, the bum moved his foot a little bit. We hung up. Then Frank started to tell us that this guy
is his brother and that he cant give up on him... Frank decided to go a pour Vodka in his brothers mouth to wake him up.
The guy groaned a little bit, and we went and told a cop that wasnt too far off.. so he took care of it.
it was just another day in Albany!

We have been really enjoying the weather, some days it's still in the 30's.. but it's sunny.

i can see little sproutlings on the trees, and i cant wait until they bloom.

Everyone that is within the sound of my voice. have a great week!

i love you.

elder warr

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