Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The goofiest missionary.

Bum Island

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Saturday was my companion Elder Tanner's birthday!

I made him a cake, and i sang to him. Then i blew up 25 balloons while he was getting ready and threw them all over the
apartment... it was a great day.

So yesterday after church we came back to our apartment for lunch. while we were eating we heard loud yelling outside,
right outside of our apartment there is an island of grass that separates two roads, it's called "bum island" because all the
bums hang out there. We ran to the window to see the commotion, and one bum Frank was yelling at another bum that
looked dead on a bench. We ran out, and Frank was yelling was crying and drinking a bottle of Vodka. The other one just lay
motionless on the bench. We shook him a few times, and he didnt move or do anything. after some attempts we decided to
call 911.. in the middle of dialing, the bum moved his foot a little bit. We hung up. Then Frank started to tell us that this guy
is his brother and that he cant give up on him... Frank decided to go a pour Vodka in his brothers mouth to wake him up.
The guy groaned a little bit, and we went and told a cop that wasnt too far off.. so he took care of it.
it was just another day in Albany!

We have been really enjoying the weather, some days it's still in the 30's.. but it's sunny.

i can see little sproutlings on the trees, and i cant wait until they bloom.

Everyone that is within the sound of my voice. have a great week!

i love you.

elder warr

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a picture treat

The Albany Parade

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I am pleased to announce that i will be remaining in Albany for six more weeks!
This place has become like home to me. I love our 10X10 apartment with our paper thin windows that don't insulate at all. I
love the sounds of drunk fights and honking cars (I think people in NY learn that honking will solve any problem). I love the
mice that run underneath the stove when you turn on a light. I love the man accross the street that sells indian newspapers
for 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I love our hobo friends frank, spider, cyrus, and bill.

I hope i stay here for 6 more months. that would be grreat!

So Sunday night was another fireside! this one was here in Albany! there were 140 people that attended, it was so awesome.
There were 30 non-members that showed up, so we were glad. We were also surprised to see Asad and his family! They are
the Iraqi refugee family.. Asad is such a good man, i loved to see them. This fireside was my favorite, because i knew most of
the people there, and the piano was really nice. We have a couple more firesides in April.. and we have done about 8
firesides so far. It's great.

Saturday morning was an interesting one, we headed out of the apartment at 10:00am, and it came to pass that around
11:00am we saw thousands of people that had gathered in front of our apartment on Washington Avenue for a St.Patrick's
day parade! There were bagpipers about every 10 minutes, and they were awesome because they played the "praise to the
man" tune. I thought it was hilarious because most of the college kids came to the parade, and they somehow associate
"parade" with "beer" so there was a lot of beer everywhere. We met some really interesting people that day. Some people
called us "Hey Jehovahs!" An old man tried to fight us in the park.. it was a good day.

Sometimes it's amazing to see what types of people the Lord will place in our path. I love seeing the people's personalities
come out as we teach them. The light that goes off in thier head when they find out that they have a "loving" heavenly father.
That's why missionary work pays off. The weather is getting nice here, the last week has been in the 50's so we have been
wearing short sleeve shirts.

Emily and mason, i ended up buying a yellow towel...

i love you guys :)

Elder Warr

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The towel dilemma.

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Good Morning from a icy/rainy Albany NY.

The last few days have been pleasant because it has been in the 40's, so it's almost to a short sleeve time.
it's still really barren, and all of the trees still look like skeletons.. but i can't wait for green!

Last night i had another firside, it was in Schenectady NY. There were about 90 people who attended, and it went really well.
It has been so awesome because i have gotten to know President Eckersley so well, and i'm lucky beacuse not many
missionaries get this much interaction with the mission president. I would love to serve another mission later in my life... I
would have no reason not to.

I need to axe a favor from everyone who reads this email. Please pray for David Bernacki, he is one of our investigators, and
he has a baptismal date.. but it has been pushed back a couple of times because of some struggles. I have an awesome
connection with him, we're buddies, and he could use some prayers. He's the man who has taken us out to some really nice
places to eat. we have been working really hard to get him to commit. We just need him to wax strong in the Lord. I really
love this man. prayers would be great!

Besides that.. everything is going well. I am really excited because we are going to target soon, and im going to buy a new
towel. i dont know what color to get, im thinking maybe tan... or black. ill let you know what i decided.

I really cant believe how much i have been blessed on my mission. everytime that i study hard and work hard, i see miracles,
and i know that's a pattern in life too.

The gospel is the only thing that will unite us as the human family.. and everyone has a part in this process.

Indivisible.... with liberty and justice for all.

love, elder warr

Monday, March 2, 2009


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The mission is Wonderful.

We drove up to northern New York for the weekend, and we had 2
firesides... one on saturday night, and one on sunday night. it was
awesome going up north because we got to drive through the adirondack
mountains. There were frozen waterfalls, and people climbing them, and
then we got to drive through Lake Placid, where the 1980 winter olympics
were held, that was cool, and then we had the firesides.

These were my favorite firesides yet, the people up in the north country
are very interesting.. most of them are really "homely". but they are
very humble people.
The saturday fireside was in Potsdam NY, and the sunday fireside was in
Plattsburg NY. Plattsburg was awesome because after the fireside there
was a kid who couldnt decide if he wanted to serve a mission, and he
came up to me crying and just thanked me. he said he's getting his
papers in as soon as he can. I can't say how grateful i am for this
experience and for these people in NY.

I had a funny experience the other day. So we have become pretty good
friends with a man named Asad. He is a refugee from Irag. Al-Quaida
members chased him and his family out of Iraq because he worked on
military tanks. Now he got put here in Albany NY, and he has had some
struggles. We get to teach him english once a week. it was so funny...
he had a bunch of questions about certain words, and we laugh so hard
sometimes because of what he says.

This time he said this to us.. "When i go Mcdonalds... I tell the
worker, i want 2 BEEF-burgers... and they say HAMBurgers?? I no like

he is muslim so he can't eat ham or pork. it was so funny beacuse how do
you explain to a muslim that HAMburgers are made of beef? it really
confused him, and it took 30 minutes of explaining until he understood.

I love you guys!

Elder Warr... some peeps call me (warrior) in the mission