Tuesday, February 3, 2009

'twas a dead mouse

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Everyone, this has been such a glorious day-

First off-- we got transfer calls and im staying in Downtown Albany! Elder Grover is going to be a Zone Leader about 5 miles
away. I am getting a new companion, Elder Tanner, he has been out 19 months, and he's from CA. I met him at the christmas
conference, and he's a really cool guy. I am excited to stay in Albany, because i really love the people, and because the work
is going so well. I have made some awesome friends

The Turners got baptized on thursday(3 black women).. at the baptism they had some friends come, and they all started
clapping and hooting after the baptisms... i laughed... i tried not to laugh, but it was such a joyful time. we confirmed them
this sunday, and that was one of the times in my life where i felt most guided by the spirit in my life... i cried. it was
awesome. The work is going so well. we have another man- Vic- he's getting baptized this week (he's an awesome hockey
player).. he's a mailman. and then on the 21st of feb we have another man named David Bernacki getting baptized! he's the
one who took Elder Grover and I out for a $200 meal. I love that man. We have been seeing so much success lately, and the
branch here is growing! because it's growing so fast they want to make it into a ward, and that might not happen for about 3
years.. but still! i think anytime a branch or ward is getting too big, that's a good thing.

I had my second fireside in Utica, NY this last sunday. Twas' awesome! I had a lot of compliments, and im just so happy that i
get to do that. the next fireside is in Potsdam in norther NY.. so i'll keep you updated on how that goes.

Just so you know. there is a mouse in our apartment... or should i say there "was". yesterday Elder Grover and I endulged in
buying 2 mouse traps... this morning we woke up to a dead mouse that got smacked! we were exceedingly glad. i lost my
camera cord, so i will get pictures of the dead mouse asap..

love, elder warr


Mason Bourne said...

Kyle's vocabulary is gloriously ridiculous.

Emily said...

so is his spelling. Mason, glad to see that your computer is fine. That little boy should be put in time out.