Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A splendid letter.

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Hello people. this was a splendid week in Albany.

I had a fireside in Owego, NY last night. it was awesome! I always have a lot of fun road tripping with the assistants around
the mission. We play trivia, and road games in the car.... or should i say.. i play trivia and road games in the car and they just
tell me to go to sleep. haha! we do have a lot of fun. There were 160 people at the fireside last night, 30+ investigators, and
it was one of the most spiritual times of my mission. It was so awesome getting to talk to these people who are investigating
the church, and hear their stories. I have met a lot of professors of music at these firesides that people have invited, and
they all have asked me what i want to do with music, i have had some good conversations. i just tell them that i am just
focusing on my mission, and that i just love to play.
I am attaching a picture of me and a moses statue, and ill explain. we like to stand by that statue when we have some time to
talk to people. it's a good conversation starter, and i think it's funny because it's just a giant moses in the middle of
washington park.

this week has been a really successful one... we worked really hard, and saw a lot of outcomes. I have become really good
friends with a refugee from Iraq, his name is Asad. he calls me his brother.

welp, thanks for everything. i love you guys



Mason Bourne said...

Hopefully Kyle will be able to get some scholarship to a music school out there or something. That would be great!

The next great one said...

Yo kyo um hopefully you could get a scholarship to a music school or something. That would be great! hahaahhaahahah but seriously i miss the music!! even when it would make me and your mom mad because you were just being annoying and we were trying to watch ellen degeneres dance!!

Love matt hunt