Monday, February 9, 2009

Birthday reflections

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I am 20.

Thank you thank you everyone for all of my birthday congratulations.

I have now surpassed the teen years of my life. wow... what a beautiful time to finish that period of my life. in Albany New

The work here is going so good. Victor Przedpelski (Sheh-pel-ski) is getting baptized tomorrow! he's such a cool guy. he's a
mailman, and his conversion story is awesome! ill have to tell it to you in person when i get home... if i ever come home... ill
probably be a missionary for the rest of my life. Vic buys us doughnuts and chocolate milk everytime we do lessons with

My new companion Elder Tanner is a really funny guy. he doesnt care about anything.. but he's a great missionary. I have
been leading out in this area, and i love the responsibility. i feel like the salvation of Albany is laying in my hands...haha im
just kidding. He reminds me a lot of my friend Ian Hunt.

So today for my birthday, a member Ryan McGreevy is going to take us out to lunch, and then his parents made a cake for
me tonight. The other day Elder Tanner and I sung hymns at the mcgreevys house, and by the end of our singing .. they were
in tears... we had just watched a powerful movie about the prophet.

I am loving my mission more and more every day. We walked into a members house the other day, and we saw a clip of a
plane that emergency landed in the Hudson.. that was about 2 hours away from me (just so you know) apparently it was a
really big deal.. and we didnt even know.

well.. i love you guys..

have a good week!

love.. E. Warr

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