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Subject: Happy New Year!

It is now 2009! Do you know what that means?

That means that 2009 will be the only full year of my life that i will
be out of the world. wow....

New Years was fun! we stayed out until 9pm and then went to sleep at
1030pm. we set the alarm for midnight, and at midnight we woke up and
said "happy new year!" and then went back to sleep. haha! it was great.

So i was thinking about the first 5 months of my mission, and it has
been great, i have gained so much knowledge that i am grateful for.
Scriptural knowledge, social knowledge, physical knowledge, mental
knowledge, spiritual knowledge... just a bunch of knowledge that i
wouldnt trade for the world. while we're on the topic of KNOWledge...
did you KNOW.. that in the early 1900's some scientists did a study on
vegetables and how they are healthy for you... and when they did
spinach.. they accidentally recorded it wrong.. so they thought that
spinach was extraordinarily good for you... that's why the cartoon
Popeye always eats spinach! ... you learn something new everyday.

we really had a great week, one of our investigators took us out to
dinner and he spent like 200 dollars on us, and then he was trying to
pick up on the waitress the whole time. it was hilarious.

i love you guys, and i'm workin hard out here.

love, elder warr

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Readers: Please Feel free to comment about Kyle's adventures after any post. After all, we all have something in common: KYLE!

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