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Dear peeps,

So last week, i was deathly ill, and i threw up all over the library
bathroom, i didnt feel like emailing, so i am sorry you missed out. i am
feeling a lot better now! this last week was awesome, we have 3 people
getting baptized this wednesday-- the Turner family, they are 3 black
women, and they are the funniest people i have met in my life. They are
the "Halleluia!" kind of people, and they are just full of Joy. they
LOVE Joseph Smith. everytime they see a picture of him, they pet the
picture and say how cute he is. haha.

So last night was my first Restoration Fireside! it was in Syracuse. so
the Assistants to the president came and picked me up from albany after
church, and we drove straight to Albany, and got there just in time to
do the fireside. i had served in Syracuse so i got to see a bunch of
friends, and rejoice with other missionary friends. There were some 80
people there, and it was awesome. I played 5 songs of the restoration,
and the mission president spoke. we have 5 more weeks scheduled all over
NY, so it will be really fun. we got back to Albany at midnight last
night, and this weekend i will be staying with them in Utica, to drive
up to Potsdam. I am grateful that i get to use music on my mission... i
just love it.. somteims i feel like i can express things better on the
piano, than in my own words. This is the last week of the transfer, so i
could be leaving Albany, but i think i will be here for a while, my
companion elder grover has been here for 10 1/2 months... so he's most
likely leaving.

I am loving my mission, it's foreign to me to think about anything other
than this.. i will probably just be a full-time missionary for the rest
of my life.

i love you guys!

elder warr

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Mason Bourne said...

it's funny when kyle says words like.. Rejoice.